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This is me, Adam

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We celebrate Father’s Day in Canada and the U.S. and Día del Padre in Mexico on June. 19. Father’s Day is a time to celebrate and honour those who have an important role in our lives – whether it is our own father’s, or those that have a fathering presence or influence. It is also important to be mindful that this day can be a challenging time for many.

I am a new father, a husband and a sports fan. I spend my free time hanging out with my family and friends, watching movies or doing DIY projects around the house — I’ve always had dad energy. 

At TCE, I'm a senior engineer within the Right-of-Way Management team located in Calgary. In my role, I work with internal and external stakeholders to protect the safety and integrity of our systems while meeting regulatory requirements. My favourite part of my job is getting to work closely with different municipalities and communities across TCE’s footprint.

Adam Saab

Taking parental leave

My wife and I welcomed our first son, Marcel, only three months ago. When we had him, I took parental leave so I could fully focus on my family.

Having a chance to be with my son during the first few weeks of his life was important to me — getting to experience him seeing the world for the first time is something I will never forget.

Having a child is a big adjustment to your life. During my leave, my wife and I were able to work as a team. It brought us even closer together.

My leadership was supportive of my choice to take parental leave. As a result, it has allowed me to be the best I can be at my job and return to work without being stressed or fatigued.

My first Father’s Day

This year will be my first Father’s Day — it’s really special to me. My wife and I are going to take my son on his first trip to the mountains and enjoy some time outdoors.

We are also going to host a barbecue to celebrate with the fathers in my family. I will finally get to join them in huddling around the barbecue, and cracking ‘dad jokes!’

I am excited to be part of an organization that has parental policies that allow all parents to have the chance to focus on their families.”

Adam Saab
Senior Engineer within the Right-of-Way Management team