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Contractors, Suppliers and Vendors


This first step is to register your company at our Supplier Registration Portal with your company's information. Please fill out all required fields.


Once you have completed the registration at Supplier Registration Portal, your company's information will be entered into our database. If there is a business need identified, a TC Energy representative may reach out to you to participate in a more formal qualification process, which may be linked to a sourcing event. If you are successful in becoming a TC Energy-qualified contractor, supplier or vendor, you will be eligible for work when the business need arises.

Your company's information is entered into our database as soon as you submit it via the Supplier Registration Portal.  We do not currently send a follow-up email.

TC Energy has a database of contractors, suppliers and vendors who are approved for work. Approved contractors, suppliers and vendors have been contacted by a TC Energy representative for a sourcing event as per business need and have completed our qualification process.

No. Information on our approved contractors, suppliers and vendors list is confidential.

Prior to sending any documents, please register your company’s information at our Supplier Registration Portal. If the information you are sending is not covered in the form, then please send your information to supplier_management@tcenergycom.

Please register your company via the Supplier Registration Portal. You can note in comments if you are interested in a particular project.

Inter-Affiliate Codes Training FAQs

On the day of your engagement you should have received an email from Workday with your LMS link and log in credentials. Your leader is also provided with an automated notification from Workday informing them that the login information has been sent. If you need this to be re-sent, please log a ticket with our Service Desk.

1-888-546-3484 (Canada/US)

+525511002991 (Mexico)

If leaving a message, please indicate that credentials are required for compliance training and leave a valid email address and phone number to be reached at.

We recommend saving the Workday link as a favourite, as the main access point to Workday, and it will require entering username and password each time to be able to login.

If you have any additional learning inquiries, please email tce_learning@tcenergy.com.

Under the Inter-Affiliate Codes there is no differentiation between employment classifications, therefore all active Company Personnel and Contractors, are required to complete this training.​

You have 30 days to complete the training from when you are activated in the system and annually thereafter.

Inter-Affiliate Codes training is revised and deployed annually to meet regulatory requirements. Depending on an individual’s start date, sometimes training will need to be completed more than once in a year, such as within 30 days of the start date/re-activation AND again during the annual roll-out. 

This error happens if users try to open the course on their first day of work. The course is hosted on an external server and there is a one-day (24 hour) delay with the user data feed. Please wait and launch this course the next day and the issue should be resolved on your second day of work. 

To have the course automatically open, please ensure you have disengaged your pop-up blockers in the internet browser settings. 

Please adjust your screen resolution to ensure you can view and open all hotspots on the screen.  

To unlock the Knowledge Check tile, all other prior tiles must be completed. Once you have completed the Knowledge Check tile, don’t forget to also complete the Certification tile in order to receive completion credit for the course.

To unlock the Certification tile, all other tiles must be marked as “Complete”. If you have confirmed that all the tiles in the training are marked “Complete” and the Certification tile is still locked, please close out of the course and log back in. Don’t worry, your progress will be bookmarked.

Please ensure that you’ve completed all tiles in the training, including the Certification tile. If the Certification tile is marked as "Complete" and the system doesn't register the completion, please close out of the course and log back in. Don’t worry, your progress will be bookmarked.

For any questions that aren’t covered in the above FAQ, please contact TC Energy’s Service Desk.

1-888-546-3484 (Canada/U.S.)

+525511002991 (Mexico)

Please be as specific as possible so our Service Desk Analysts can triage your inquiry to the appropriate department.