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Indigenous community legacy

The footprint of our assets is multi-generational and so is our commitment to maintaining positive relationships with Indigenous groups for the duration of our activities.

Throughout North America, we work with Indigenous groups to identify their needs and interests for community legacy initiatives. We support community-led initiatives including safety equipment and safety programs, emergency preparedness, Sun Dances, Pow Wows, Métis festivals, breakfast programs, cultural/language preservation, Elders programs, habitat conservation, species protection and more.

In 2020, we invested more than $8 million in over 500 Indigenous partners and students through the TC Energy Scholarships and Build Strong community giving programs as we want to help build sustainable, healthy and vibrant communities where we operate.

Apply for funding

Apply for funding to support community-led initiatives that support your Indigenous groups’ needs and aspirations.   

Visit our Community Giving page to learn more and to apply



Our focus areas

We support community-led initiatives of Indigenous groups that focus on safety, community, environment and education and training.

icon-blue-safety.png  Safety

Ensuring emergency personnel are trained and equipped to respond quickly and effectively to their local needs is our priority. We work with communities to understand how we can support their safety initiatives, including emergency preparedness, accident prevention and education and training.


  • Safety ticket training
  • Emergency preparedness
  • Equipment purchases
  • Pipeline construction safety
  • First responders
  • Public awareness

blue safety icon  Community

We fund community-led initiatives that support their needs and aspirations. This includes things like cultural preservation and community events.


  • Community events and celebrations
  • Culture and language
  • Indigenous health and wellness
  • Sports and recreation
  • Culture programs
  • Youth leadership programs
  • Elders events and support
  • Traditional knowledge transfer
  • Governance support
  • Infrastructure

blue environment icon  Environment

Sustainable futures start today. We invest in community and regional environmental initiatives that build strong tomorrows. We work with Indigenous groups to conserve important habitat and protect species at risk and the environment.


  • Environmental management training programs
  • Species at risk protection
  • Traditional land use programs
  • Outdoor and environment programs for youth
  • Environment stewardship and conservation
  • Protection of watercourses, watersheds, aquatic habitats, etc

blue environment icon  Education and training

We work with Indigenous groups to build the skills and capacity required to access employment and further education. This includes support for basic education programs for skills development and TC Energy Scholarships.


  • Early childhood development
  • Stay in school programs
  • Language and cultural education
  • Literacy and numeracy programs
  • Homework and mentoring programs
  • High-school upgrading
  • Drivers training
  • Trades, safety and vocational skills training
  • Supplier/business capacity building

Spotlight: Indigenous Legacy Scholarship

Our scholarship program is one example of the long-term value we bring to the communities where we operate through our Build Strong community giving program. In 2019, we offered over 1,000 scholarships worth more than $2 million to support post-secondary students across North America.

Marcel B. from Winnebago, Nebraska, was a recipient of an Indigenous Legacy Scholarship in 2018. Watch Marcel’s story and see how the scholarship is helping the father of six balance family life while pursuing a degree in network administration and security.

Learn more about how to apply for a scholarship.


Our engagement leaders throughout North America play an important role in our community legacy work with Indigenous groups. We engage with communities to develop community-led initiatives that are tailored to support local needs.

Our asset system spans many geographies and is multi-generational, just like our commitment to supporting positive, long-term relationships. Learn more by visiting our Apply for Funding page.


Need more information or have a question?

Email us at indigenous_relations@tcenergy.com, call us at 1-855-895-8754 or visit our Contact us page for more information.