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Supporting local communities

Our business at-a-glance

We deliver more than just the energy that powers our lives and economies.

Our presence generates a number of direct and indirect economic benefits for the communities and governments where we operate. Our projects and facilities support thousands of jobs and create business opportunities for local suppliers. We pay millions of dollars in taxes that support essential government services such as schools, roads and hospitals. Our Build Strong community investment program supports hundreds of local non-profit and charitable organizations, and offers scholarships to help build the next generation of leaders


$569 million

Annual local property taxes generated in 2018

Our economic benefits include cash and property tax payments that support essential government services, such as schools, roads and hospitals, as well as investments in local non-profits and charitable organizations. Our projects and assets also support thousands of direct and indirect job opportunities. Taken together, these benefits can have a significant and positive impact on the economies where we operate.

$160 million+

In work for Indigenous businesses in 2018

We contribute to the social and economic well-being of communities that are adjacent to, or are potentially impacted by, our business. We endeavour to create opportunities for qualified, diverse, Indigenous and local suppliers and individuals to benefit from our projects and operations.

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$22 million+

Invested in 1,660+ non-profits in 2018

With operations spanning Canada, the U.S. and Mexico, investing in and giving back to the communities where we operate are important parts of being a good neighbour, a trusted partner and an employer of choice.

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Report on economic benefits


We work to support economic development where we operate through our core business activities, community investments, and approach to local employment and business opportunities.

For more details on the economic benefits of our work across North America, refer to the documents below.


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Our Business at-a-Glance