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May 6 2022

This is me, Cristina | Mother’s Day 2022

Posted by TC Energy

We celebrate Mother’s Day in Canada and the U.S. on May 8 and El Dia de la Madre in Mexico on May 10. Mother’s Day is a time to celebrate and honour those who have an important role in our lives – whether it is our own mothers, or those that have a mothering presence or influence. It is also important to be mindful that this day can be a challenging time for many.

This is me, Cristina

I am a passionate volunteer, mother and partner. In my spare time, I enjoy mountaineering and have even run a marathon. At TCE, I am the Optimization and Innovation Manager for our Mexico business unit.

In my role, I develop strategies to drive innovation and find solutions to some of the most pressing problems my team faces. Finding those high-value ideas that can move us forward and streamline the way we work is what drives my passion for my role.

At my alma mater, I am building a community called Prometea X to provide opportunities for students to learn about technology and drive innovation. Through this community our goal is to promote Mexican talent in advanced technology.

Expressing gratitude

My daughter Arelí is a ‘pandemic baby’ — she is now 15 months old and my partner and I are loving every minute with her.

This is me, Cristina

I am passionate about my job because I am working toward creating solutions for my daughters future. We create the future for those we love.””

Cristina Mares Silva
Optimization and Innovation Manager for the Mexico business unit

Mother's Day is important to me because it is about taking a moment to say thank you and show true appreciation for the people who have supported you on your journey. Each year, I celebrate with my own mom — I wouldn’t be who I am today without her support and encouragement.

­­­­­Now that I am a mother myself, I understand how important it is to recognize this day and take a moment to show gratitude for the people that care about you.

The life of a working parent is busy — but taking a moment to show how grateful you are to those you have around you is priceless.

An inclusive environment

Each day I feel grateful to have a team that I know I can count on.

Sometimes in Mexico when you tell your employer you’re pregnant that may put your employment at risk. When I told my leader that I was pregnant his first question was, “how can I support you?” I felt such a sense of relief after hearing that — I feel lucky to have gone through my pregnancy while I was a part of TCE.

Being a mother is part of me being able to be my authentic self — expressing myself fully allows me to be a good leader and the best I can be at my job. In the future, I hope that we all feel comfortable expressing our identities — no matter your background, culture or experiences.