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Engaging with communities

Stakeholder engagement at TC Energy

Ensuring our stakeholders are meaningfully engaged and respected is critical to TC Energy’s success. The strength of these relationships has a direct impact on our ability to competitively build and operate our assets. By transparently sharing information and seeking input throughout the life cycle of our assets, we are better equipped to make the right decisions for our business while recognizing the interests of our stakeholders and identifying opportunities for communities to benefit from our activities.

We engage and consult early and often, invite feedback, provide updates and address concerns throughout the regulatory process and operations. We document the entire stakeholder engagement process including the issues raised by stakeholders and rightsholders, along with the ways we address these issues.

We deliver more than just the energy that powers our lives and drives economies.

Our presence generates a number of direct and indirect economic benefits for the communities and governments where we operate. Our projects and facilities support thousands of jobs and create business opportunities for local suppliers. We pay millions of dollars in taxes that support essential government services such as schools, roads and hospitals. Our Build Strong community investment program supports hundreds of local non-profit and charitable organizations, and offers scholarships to help build the next generation of leaders.

Communication and collaboration foundations for success


At TC Energy, we often describe ourselves as a pipeline operator or energy producer and, of course, we build pipelines and power plants too.

But, the one thing we build more of than anything else is relationships, many thousands of relationships, with governments, communities, landowners, Indigenous groups, suppliers, vendors, contractors and people.

Positive relationships with communities, such as Pike River and Saint-Sébastien, and leaders, such as Saint-Sébastien Mayor Martin Thibert are important to TC Energy.

We are committed to listening to those who are involved with or affected by our business, and communicating honestly about our performance on the issues that matter most to our key stakeholders.”

Russ Girling
President and CEO

TC Energy’s stakeholders

We recognize that excellence in stakeholder engagement helps deliver value and ensures we do so in a socially and environmentally responsible manner. Our stakeholders include people or groups who significantly affect or may be affected by our business activities, be it directly or indirectly. Because Indigenous groups have distinct rights, we consider these groups to be separate from other stakeholders.

While we have built strong relationships with thousands of communities, backed by generations of co-operation and trust, we are also committed to earning public confidence from those communities we have not yet worked with.

Learn more about our approach to Stakeholder and Indigenous engagement

Read the Engaging with our stakeholders fact sheet

Our commitment to you

TC Energy requires community engagement throughout the life cycle of our assets, from project approval to decommissioning. Our approach to engagement, from acquisition and new construction to ongoing maintenance and upgrades, is integrated into our Project Delivery Standard.

By engaging early with stakeholders and listening, we create project plans with better outcomes for everyone involved. We strive to engage stakeholders early and often. Engaging with stakeholders means listening, providing accurate information, and responding to stakeholder interests in a prompt and consistent manner. Our core values of safety, responsibility, collaboration and integrity are at the heart of our commitment to stakeholders.

Commitment statement

We develop community engagement plans for 100 per cent of our projects
Our personnel can be reached 24/7 through helplines or online
Our engagement activities span local and regional municipalities in six Canadian provinces, 16 U.S. states, and 11 Mexican states


We’re proud of the relationships we've built with close to 100,000 landowners across our pipeline and asset network.

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Indigenous relations

Our Indigenous Relations team engages with Indigenous groups to understand their interests, identify opportunities, respond to their concerns and facilitate participation on our projects.

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