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Oil and Liquids Operations

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Our existing oil & liquids pipeline infrastructure, approximately 4,900 km (3,000 miles), connects Alberta crude oil supplies to U.S. refining markets in Illinois, Oklahoma, Texas and the U.S. Gulf Coast.

The Keystone Pipeline System, our largest liquids pipeline asset, moves approximately 20 per cent of western Canadian crude oil export to key refining markets. The Grand Rapids and Northern Courier pipelines, two intra-Alberta liquids pipelines, provide transportation solutions for producers in northern and western Athabasca regions.

We remain committed to advancing our portfolio of commercially secured projects to connect growing Canadian and U.S. crude oil supply to key markets, maximizing the value from our existing assets, leveraging existing infrastructure and seeking new opportunities across the liquids pipelines value chain.

Learn more about our oil & liquids projects, pipelines and storage below.

CER — End of Life Cycle Program

Learn more about TC Energy's federally regulated Oil & Liquids End of Life Cycle Program with the Canada Energy Regulator (CER).


Grand Rapids Pipeline System

The Grand Rapids Pipeline System plays a key role in connecting producing areas of northwest Fort McMurray, Alta., to terminals in the Edmonton/Heartland region.


Keystone Hardisty Terminal

Located in Hardisty, Alta., the terminal will provide western Canadian producers with crude oil batch accumulation tankage and provides access to the Keystone Pipeline System. The facility will also provide 2.6 million barrels of storage.


Keystone Pipeline System

The Keystone Pipeline System plays a key role in delivering Canadian and U.S. crude oil supplies to markets around North America.


Keystone Pipeline System – Shipper Information

TC Energy offers shippers opportunities to reach U.S. Midwest and U.S. Gulf Coast markets via the Keystone Pipeline System.


Keystone XL

On June 9, 2021, TC Energy confirmed that after a comprehensive review of its options, and in consultation with its partner, the Government of Alberta, it has terminated the Keystone XL Pipeline Project.


Marketlink Pipeline System — Shipper Information

TC Energy offers shippers great opportunities to reach U.S. domestic markets via Marketlink.


White Spruce Pipeline

The 72-kilometre (45-mile) 20-inch pipeline was designed to transport crude oil produced at the Canadian Natural Resources Limited (CNRL) Horizon oil sands facility in northeast Alberta to the existing Grand Rapids Pipeline System and on to markets in the Edmonton and Heartland areas.