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Youth Energy Safe

When it comes to staying safe, you’re never too young to learn the basics! Our Youth Energy Safe program brings tools and teachings from the field into the classroom for instructors and youth to learn how to stay safe around utilities at home, school and in their communities.

From pipelines to fibre optic cable, all utilities provide essential services which can have serious consequences if damaged. Interactive games and presentations can be adapted for ages 8-18 to turn a dry subject into fun activities, creating a memorable and fun learning experience for all involved.

Safe digging could reward you with $1000!

TC Energy would like to recognize youth from not-for-profit organizations such as Girl Guides, FFA and 4-H for committing to safe digging practices. Our goal is to teach the next generation the importance of calling/clicking before digging.

If your youth-focused organization is going to be conducting a digging project such as planting trees, installing a mailbox or fence, or building a deck, requesting a locate beforehand could earn you money.

The deadline to submit the application is November 12, 2021.


  • Request a locate service for your project in a state or province where TC Energy operates (see tcenergy.com/operations/maps).
  • Download and complete the appropriate form from below and submit it and any other relevant documents to Public_Awareness@tcenergy.com.
  • You should hear within six weeks if your group has qualified and will receive a $1000 charitable grant from TC Energy.
  • Participants are encouraged to also submit photos of their projects with their application to share on social media.
  • If submitting photos, please have anyone in the photos complete the photo release form and include with your submission.

Request a Kit

TC Energy’s Youth Energy Safe school kits were developed over three years of research and collaboration with teachers and students. The kits help educate youth by providing underground utility safety information using unique classroom components specific to either children or teens.

Please note that these are only available in the United States and Canada for schools and organizations located near TC Energy pipelines and facilities. You can find maps of TC Energy assets here. Unfortunately, we cannot include homeschools at this time.

Request a Kit Request a Refill



Below you will find some of the materials that are included in our Youth Energy Safe Kits. These resources are intended to encourage discussion and education around underground utility safety, for both youth and adults alike. If you have a YES Kit, you can check here for updates or additions to the information contained within the kit.


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