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Delivering our

Shared Future

This year’s 2021 Report on Sustainability builds on our sustainability strategy, establishing clear metrics and targets for all our commitments. We are turning our goals into action and advancing our progress to protect the planet, empower people and support a shared prosperity.

2021 Report on Sustainability

In this report, we highlight TC Energy’s sustainability approach and recent accomplishments. It is intended for general audiences and contains links to the TC Energy website for additional information and stories. This publication is one element of our sustainability reporting. More information and data, including content that is aligned with global reporting standards, can be found in the documents listed below.

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Long-standing history of responsible performance: key milestones

Our Commitments


To further integrate sustainability into our strategy, management decision-making and performance tracking and assessment

Research and Development

To enhance energy sector sustainability through research and development (R&D) and innovation investments


To strengthen local community, Indigenous group and employee resilience, including in recovery and moving forward from the COVID-19 pandemic


To leave the environment where we work in a condition equal to, or better than, we found it; including biodiversity and land capability


To maintain mutually beneficial partnerships with our landowners

Indigenous Partnerships

To become a partner of choice for Indigenous groups

Emissions reduction

To contribute to global efforts to reduce climate change, including setting GHG emission reduction targets


To achieve our Zero is real safety commitment 

Inclusion and Diversity

To embed a culture of inclusion across our organization and ensure the diversity of employees reflects the communities in which we live and work

Mental Health

To demonstrate in words and actions the importance of mental health and psychological safety


Protecting our Planet.

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Shared Prosperity.

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Empowering People.

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