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People and contracting

We are proud of the relationships we’ve built with Indigenous groups and are committed to providing business, employment and training opportunities to the people on whose lands we operate.

Opportunities for Indigenous groups

We contribute to the social and economic well-being of communities that are adjacent to, or are potentially impacted by, our business. Our Indigenous Relations Business Engagement team works with Indigenous groups to identify businesses and individuals who are interested in project-related contracting opportunities. They also work to ensure our contractors are engaging meaningfully with Indigenous businesses.

In 2019, we generated more than $380 million in work with Indigenous and Native American businesses and individuals across North America.

We accept applications from contractors, suppliers and vendors looking to work with us. For more information on doing business with us, visit our Contractors, suppliers and vendors section.

Supporting skills training

As long-term neighbours of our natural gas pipeline system in Alberta, the Alexander First Nation identified heavy equipment operator skills training as a priority to help their members obtain quality jobs in and around their community.

Skills training supported by TC Energy at Alexander First Nation is one of the ways our operations can generate direct and indirect economic benefits for the communities where we operate.


We are committed to providing business, employment and training opportunities to the Indigenous groups on whose lands we build and operate through all phases of our projects.

We work collaboratively with Indigenous communities and businesses to create mutually beneficial relationships based on a principled approach to commercial opportunities. Many opportunities are made available during construction, through our general contractors.

Visit our Vendors' page to sign up as a registered vendor.

We believe in Indigenous employment and training programs and work with Indigenous groups to identify training opportunities that will provide long-term mutual value. We also have a robust Indigenous legacy scholarship program, along with other trades and leadership scholarships. Learn more by visiting our scholarships page.

TC Energy works with communities to understand local business capacity and priorities, and matches this to project requirements, depending on the size and type of project (Natural Gas, Oil and Liquids or Power and Storage), and its specific needs.

At this time, TC Energy does not have specific targets for Indigenous spend, as each project and Indigenous community has unique attributes, needs and capacity. TC is focused on progressing our projects and operations with Indigenous communities and business in mind. Our approach to Indigenous contracting will continue to evolve and change as does their capacity to supply goods and services to our projects and operations.

Need more information or have a question?

Email us at indigenous_relations@tcenergy.com, call us at 1-855-895-8754 or visit our Contact us page for more information.