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A bold, bright energy future

Our Vision: To be the leading energy infrastructure company in North America, focusing on pipeline and power generation opportunities where we have, or can develop, a significant competitive advantage.

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Sustainable development and long-term success

We might take it for granted, but affordable energy is essential to modern life. When we drive our kids to school, flick on the office lights or cook a meal after a day’s work, we depend on oil, natural gas and electricity.

While we’re proud of the role we’ve played in empowering businesses and families for more than 65 years, we know demand for energy is increasing. It’s also becoming more complex.

So, what are we doing? To meet demand for traditional fuels, we’re focused on projects such as Keystone XL. To address climate change and a lower carbon future, we’re developing cleaner energy sources including natural gas and nuclear.

Our commitment to sustainable energy is unwavering. With our diverse portfolio of assets and projects, the table is set to safely deliver the affordable energy we all depend on, for many years to come.

Read more about our sustainable development in our Corporate Responsibility Report.

Strategic priorities


An industry-leading safety record. A 99.999% safe delivery rate. And we still believe we can do better. Rigorous training and emergency preparation means we’re always prepared for unlikely events.

Economic success

Since 2000, we have grown our asset base from $26 billion to $100 billion. Simultaneously, we’ve raised the annual dividend from $0.80 per share to $3.00 per share in 2019 (based on most recent declared quarterly dividend).

Protecting the environment

Our ongoing goal is to responsibly manage our environmental footprint. That means we are always working to reduce our land consumption and water use, and investing in low or emission-less energy sources.


Supporting communities

Positively contributing to the communities where we live and work is important to us. It’s also why in 2018 we invested $22 million in more than 1,660 non-profit organizations.


Growth plan

Our portfolio of complementary infrastructure assets along with $30 billion of secured growth projects and $20 billion in projects under development are expected to support annual dividend growth of eight to 10 per cent through 2021. We’re well positioned to navigate an ever-evolving energy and business environment and energy landscape. With continued expected growth in each of our business lines, we expect to continue to grow our business for decades to come, delivering growing returns to our investors.


Tech & innovation

In the last five years, TC Energy has invested more than $144 million in technology development, supporting an internal research program as well as joint partnerships — an investment that pays off across the board. One example is our pioneering use of high-strength X-100 grade steel pipe. This thinner, stronger pipe allows us to transport greater volumes of natural gas at higher pressures – reducing costs and cutting greenhouse gas emissions.