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Inclusion and diversity

Diversity drives high-performance, it makes us better. We know that when we bring different people, ideas, backgrounds, opinions and skills to the table, and embrace our differences – we create a creative, innovative and high-performing culture.

When everyone, feels safe and empowered to bring their very best - that’s when we spark innovation. We’re working to foster an inclusive workplace where every member of our team is respected and feels that they can contribute to their full potential. ​

Our inclusion and diversity action plan

We know that meaningful, enduring change requires action. Our inclusion and diversity action plan guides our commitment and encourages continued progress and sustainment. Our actions to inclusion include:  

  1. Attract, hire and retain diverse talent
  2. Educate, train and deepen understanding
  3. Establish accountability for inclusion
  4. Foster and celebrate a culture of belonging
  5. Set enterprise-wide diversity goals
  6. Invest in inclusive communities
  7. Diversify our supply chain
  8. Reinforce a non-discriminatory, equitable, accessible and respectful work environment

Learn more about how we’re taking action for a more inclusive future in our 2021 Report on Sustainability.