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Employee Inclusion Networks

Our Employee Inclusion Networks are employee-led groups formed across a broad range of demographics such as race/ethnicity, gender identity, age, sexual orientation, mental health, veteran status and physical ability. These groups encourage connection around shared values and identities and allow underrepresented voices to be heard and valued by peers and leadership.

Open to our entire workforce – whether as a member of the underrepresented group or as an ally – everyone is encouraged to join and help build an inclusive workplace culture. We currently have four Employee Inclusion Networks focused on 2SLGBTQIA+, women, Indigenous Peoples and Veterans, with more networks launching later in 2023.

TCE Pride icon

TCE Pride

TCE Pride’s mission is to make the group a safe place to express your authentic self and for discussions on matters of interest to 2SLGBTQIA+ team members.

Women@TCE Icon


Women@TCE focuses on sharing experiences, building networks, and personal and professional development to support all women in reaching their full potential at the company.

Debwewin Icon


Debwewin (pronounced day-bway-win) provides an open, fun and safe environment for Indigenous employees and allies to meet. Support, friendship, development and traditional teaching opportunities are offered on a monthly basis. Debwewin in Ojibwe means “to speak the truth” and is one of the Seven Grandfather Teachings, which serve as a moral stepping stone and cultural foundation for many Indigenous people. Each of the attributes of the Seven Grandfather Teachings is represented by an animal – and Debwewin is represented by the turtle.

TCE Vets icon

TCE Vets

TCE Vets’ mission is to foster an environment that recognizes the TC Energy Veteran community and allows members to engage in networking, professional development and mentorship opportunities.

Ujima Icon


Ujima (pronounced oo-JEE-mah) is focused on networking, professional development, mentoring and leadership opportunities for the Black community and allies at TCE. Ujima is a Swahili word meaning “collective work and responsibility” and is also represented as the third day celebrated in Kwanzaa, during which participants focus on building and maintaining community together.