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Welcome to our students!

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In May we welcomed close to 300 students to TCE — to celebrate we sat down with a few of our new Energy Problem Solvers, Alisia, Ethan and Grant to get to know them better and hear what excites them most about joining the team.

Meet Alisia

Meet Alisia

Alisia Boyd is a Business Optimization Intern based out of our Houston office. She is currently in the graduate program at Prairie View A&M University. Outside of school and work, Alisia is an avid volunteer and traveler — some of her favourite places she has traveled to are South Africa and Thailand.

“I wanted to work at TCE because I am passionate about sustainability and the environment. I did not know anything about the energy industry before starting my internship. As I learn more, I continue to be excited by the innovation the industry is making.”

Meet Ethan

Ethan Chow is a Talent Acquisition Intern with Student Programs located in our Calgary office. He is a human resources student from the University of Calgary. Outside of work you can find Ethan playing hockey (his favorite team is the Boston Bruins) or checking out restaurants around Calgary — probably searching for a great slice of pizza.

“I applied for an internship with TCE because I wanted real-life experience in my field. Everyone I have worked with has given me advice and provided opportunities for me to learn. I hope to maintain these relationships for the rest of my career.”

Meet Ethan

Meet Grant

Meet Grant

Grant Pinkney is a chemical engineering student from U of A located in our Edmonton office working with the Maintenance and Reliability Liquids team on the Grand Rapids and Keystone pipelines. In the fall he will be going into his last semester of university — graduation is on the horizon!

“One thing I really hope to achieve by the time my internship is over is to develop my creative thinking skills. At TCE I feel like innovation and different ways of thinking are encouraged — I am excited by solving problems and the pursuit of renewable energy sources.”

Welcome to all our new students! We’re so excited to have you join and look forward to the creative insights and perspective you’ll bring to the table.

We’re always on the hunt for new Energy Problem Solvers to join our team! Check-out the careers page for more information on student roles!

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