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Oct 1 2021

Students unleash innovation

Posted by TC Energy

Student quote - Kai Bolton=

The innovative spirit of our people radiates across our business — including within the amazing individuals that take part in our student programs.

Our students make lasting impacts on our organization and rise to any challenge. They truly embody our innovative attitude of challenging assumptions, being curious and encouraging others' ideas—driving us to think bigger as we navigate the energy transition and innovate for a more sustainable future.

U.S. student programs: Ideation to implementation 

More than 50 U.S. students participated in our summer-long innovation program designed to encourage them to challenge the status quo, ask questions, and express ideas in a safe environment.

“The intention of this program was to unleash the creativity of student interns across the United States in response to real business challenges,” said Stephanie Bialowas, Senior Manager, U.S. Natural Gas Innovation (USNG).

​​​​​​​Student teams collaborated across disciplines and locations for diversity of thought and perspectives. Through their commitment to curiosity, creativity, and especially courage, they tackled some of the toughest challenges facing our business — from emissions tracking and environmental, social, and governance benchmarking, to field operations troubleshooting, project staffing models, and engineering service provider performance measurement.

I’m beyond happy with the outcome of our project; it was definitely one of the highlights of my internship here at TC Energy”

Gabby Rocha
USNG Business Development Intern

The outcomes of the student projects are currently being cascaded through USNG to ensure we build on the momentum of our student teams and reap the benefits of their great work!

Canada student programs: Innovating from home   

The global pandemic has seen people shift in several ways to continue working productively and find new ways to engage one another.

Despite the limited opportunities this year for in-person collaboration due to COVID-19, our Canada Gas students saw work-from-home as an opportunity for new social connection and a catalyst for innovation. Kai Bolton, a summer student in Non-Regulated Business Development & Ventures and Jorey Robin, a co-op student in CGOEP Pipeline Engineering, worked with leaders in Business Development and Human Resources to develop the Canada Gas Student Social Network (CGSSN).

“TC Energy fosters innovative ideas and provides you the resources to develop your ideas in a suitable manner. This goes without saying that if you have a good idea that you believe can make a difference, pursue your goals and don’t be afraid to ask for help along the way.” — Kai Bolton

CGSSN hosted various panels to develop a wider knowledge of the company and help set students up for future success. They hosted sessions on business acumen and sustainability, providing opportunities to listen and learn from the expert voices within our organization, before starting their main initiative: The Innovation Challenge.

The challenge kicked off with 32 students who collaborated on six project proposals ranging from employee health to in-service welding efficiency. Each group developed a proposal and presented to a panel of Canada Gas senior leaders, who judged the students on content and presentation delivery.

Mexico student programs: Our Olympic Games challenge

In Mexico, student recruiting begins in May for the summer program period of June through August.

As part of our program this year, students discovered how the corporate environment supports business objectives through our Olympic Games. In this virtual board-like experience, Olympic categories represent a series of company-related assignments to successfully complete your internship, such as training, project delivery, and attending topical discussions in addition to corporate and local events.

These programs are just one-way students make lasting impacts on our organization and take action to live our value of innovation.

Are you up for the challenge? Apply today!

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