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Community Voices

Our commitment

to the community

At TC Energy, engaging with our neighbors and the communities we serve is a core part of our mission. Our work on the Virginia Reliability Project (VRP) is no exception. That’s why we’re so pleased that a number of people who live in the region have spoken out in support of the project. Below is a sample of some of what we’re hearing about VRP.

If you’d like to share your thoughts on the project – or if you have any questions or concerns – please contact us, and we’ll be happy to respond.

Norfolk Sign

As the chair of the Virginia Legislative Black Caucus, I am proud to support economic opportunities that benefit communities of color. The VRP team has been very clear that they will prioritize local SWaM businesses for this project. TC Energy has shown dedication to ensuring the workers hired for this project will be diverse and representative of our local communities. I have worked hard in my career to oppose poverty. VRP offers the kind of direct economic investments that make a real difference for underserved communities.”

Lamont Bagby
Member, Virginia House of Delegates and Chair, Virginia Legislative Black Caucus

My top priority as Governor was to provide more job opportunities and prosperity to Virginians…Then and now, a significant factor in our economic strength and ability to recruit and retain businesses depends on access to affordable and reliable energy. Serving on the U.S. Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee as a Senator from Virginia further reenforced my belief in the necessity of a robust energy infrastructure for a strong foundation in a free, competitive and secure America.”

George Allen
67th Governor of Virginia and Former U.S. Senator

As the President and CEO of the Virginia Peninsula Chamber of Commerce, I know that affordable, reliable energy is a top priority for businesses that invest in Hampton Roads. Our region needs the energy that the Virginia Reliability Project will supply to continue to maximize the growth of our local economy.”

Robert S. McKenna
President/CEO, Virginia Peninsula Chamber

Affordable reliable energy is at the top of the list of requirements for running a successful business. Hampton Roads needs the energy capacity that the Virginia Reliability Project will deliver.”

Bryan K. Stephens
President & CEO Hampton Roads Chamber

This project will support good-paying local jobs by ensuring innovators and job creators in Hampton Roads have access to reliable, affordable energy. Importantly, this project will attract more innovators to Hampton Roads, growing existing businesses and bringing in new ones.”

Shawn Avery
President and CEO Hampton Roads Workforce Council

I’m thrilled to support the Virginia Reliability Project. Replacing the existing 70-year old natural gas pipe is important for the health of the economy in the Hampton Roads region. This is a win-win for the Commonwealth and our local communities.”

Senator L. Louise Lucas
President pro tempore, Democrat, District 18

This will create tens of millions of tax dollars for our community...”

Barry DuVal
President and CEO, Virginia Chamber of Commerce

My background is in economic development, and I recognize the ever-present need for a strong economy for our recent graduates to find success in the workforce. We all realize now more than ever before in our history that a reliable energy system is necessary to provide a strong foundation for economic prosperity.”

Bill Thomas
Associate V.P. for Government Relations, Hampton University

Energy future is critical to our economy and small businesses...”

Rhonda Bridgeman
President and CEO of Comfort Systems of VA

VRP will guarantee our clean energy future...”

Nony Abrajano
Filipino-American Community Leader

What I know from my work with the Hampton Roads Military and Federal Facilities Alliance is that these facilities all depend on sufficient, reliable and redundant sources of energy to ensure our national security. I believe strongly that the VRP will help ensure their needs for energy supply are met over the coming years.”

Craig R. Quigley Rear Admiral, U.S. Navy (Ret.)
Executive Director, Hampton Roads Military and Federal Facilities Alliance

The Virginia Reliability Project just makes sense. Replacing a 70-year-old pipeline with one that is state-of-the-art and more environmentally friendly will be a huge driver of economic growth in the area, providing jobs and a much-needed energy supply increase. I’m proud to support it.”

Senator Joseph D. Morrissey
Democrat, District 16

The Virginia Reliability Project is a win for Hampton Roads. The replacement of a 70-year-old pipeline with one that is safer and more environmentally friendly will support our region's continued economic growth for years to come. I am proud to support this project.”

Delegate Emily Brewer
Republican, District 64

The Virginia Reliability Project will be a huge improvement to the Hampton Roads energy infrastructure. Replacing and upgrading a 70-year-old pipeline with new, state of the art equipment will create improved efficiency, be safer for our environment, and provide jobs to the Hampton Roads community. Improving energy resources is imperative to ensuring we meet the needs of one the fastest growing populations of the Commonwealth here in the Hampton Roads.”

Delegate Clinton L. Jenkins
Democrat, 76th District

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