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Saddle Lake Lateral Loop Project


The Saddle Lake Lateral Loop (Cold Lake Section) Project is now in service. This project was required to connect growing natural gas production in Alberta and increase the delivery capability to growing market demand in northeast Alberta and northwest Saskatchewan.

Located entirely within the Municipal District of Bonnyville, the pipeline route will parallel an existing pipeline, and consists of 20 kilometre (km) of 20-inch pipe, south of the City of Cold Lake, Alberta, connecting to the existing NGTL System. As part of the project, the existing Cold Lake Border Sales metering facility will be replaced with a new metering facility to accommodate the additional gas volumes.

Once the new pipeline and meter station become operational, gas supply through a 20 km portion of the existing pipeline will be discontinued. This section of pipe, and two existing meter stations along this segment, will then be decommissioned.

On July 17, 2020, NGTL received approval from the Canada Energy Regulator (CER) to construct and decommission the Project. Construction will begin in October 2020 with an anticipated in-service date of November 1, 2021. Decommissioning activities are anticipated to begin following in-service of the Project. The Project will also use a horizontal directional drill under the Beaver River.

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Project status and timelines


Q3 2018

Began Indigenous and stakeholder consultation

Q3 2018

Commenced survey and field studies

Q3 2019

Filed a joint section 58 and section 45.1 application pursuant to the National Energy Board Act (predecessor to the Canada Energy Regulator) and National Energy Board Onshore Pipeline Regulations

Q4 2020

Commence construction activities

Q4 2021

In-service date

Community benefits

The Project will offer short-term and long-term economic benefits and help strengthen the economy on a local, provincial and national level.

Employment opportunities – Construction will require the services of equipment operators, welders, mechanics, truck drivers, labourers and more.

Business opportunities – Pipeline construction will create demand for local goods and services including food and accommodation, hardware, industrial parts, automotive parts and servicing, fuel and more.

Annual revenue to support local services – Project construction will result in tax payments to municipal, provincial and federal governments. When the Project is operational, annual tax payments will help support schools and hospitals, emergency services, recreation facilities, recycling programs and other local programs vital to sustaining communities.

Investment in local communities – Through our engagement with people in the areas we work, we will identify areas where we can help build stronger, safer and more vibrant communities through local partnerships and initiatives.


Documents and maps

The Saddle Lake Lateral Loop (Cold Lake Section) Project is required to connect growing natural gas production in Alberta and increase the delivery capability to growing market demand in northeast Alberta and northwest Saskatchewan.

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Ways to reach us

If you have any questions about the Project, please reach out to us via the contact information below. 

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A key component in maintaining the integrity of our facilities is input from all stakeholders: Indigenous communities, landowners and governments. If you have questions or concerns, please let us know.

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