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TC Energy takes home Best Digital Transformation Award by PGJ

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TC Energy takes home Best Digital Transformation Award by PGJ

TC Energy’s Construction Commissioning Excellence (CCE) team took home the PGJ’s Best Digital Transformation award for its innovative inspection and construction management platform.

For the last four years, the CCE team sought to digitize inspection and construction management, and this effort has culminated this year with the enterprise-wide deployment of the Dynamic, Digital, Data and Diagnostics platform known as 4D Inspection. The platform digitizes construction inspection, provides real-time compliance validations, visualizes progress and issue tracking, captures construction quality performance, and aggregates data for predictive analytics. 

“I am thrilled that this group of innovators and energy problem solvers has been recognized at an industry level,” says Amir Hadzic, Vice-President Project Delivery Excellence. “Their passion and dedication to every aspect of this program has truly transformed how we collect, process, and analyze project and asset data. Congratulations and thank you for all you do!”

The enterprise-wide deployment of 4D Inspection this past year digitized a total of 35,605,460 organized and searchable data points from manufacturing data to inspection data, to project photos. This past year 4D Inspection digitally transformed our entire construction management process for over $10 billion in capital projects and has over 1,830 users across the organization.

4d Infocus

“What is unique about 4D Inspection is its ability to embed the principles of data accuracy, data standardization and data stewardship into a user-friendly platform that is capable of cost-effectively scaling from one day to multi-year construction projects” says Sukhi Gill, Manager Construction and Commissioning Excellence.  

The data collected in 4D has been utilized in 2022 to advance construction quality and TCE’s maturity in predicting quality outcomes. Most recently, a series of leading indicators were created to predict quality of installation and potential anomalies.

“This development is leading edge in the industry, no other owner/operator is able to predict this information on as large a scale that TCE is able to today,” says Michelle Caren, Director of Construction and Commissioning Excellence and Corporate Quality.

Never before has TC Energy been able to measure progress, quality, safety, and pay items consistently across the enterprise. We are optimizing how we collect and analyze data to ensure it can be utilized on a broad scale. 4D Inspection is shining a light into the darkness of analyzing construction performance, is spurring change in our company and ultimately will make our industry stronger.

Join us in congratulating this team of energy problem solvers on taking home this prestigious award!