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Oct 5 2021

Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month with Burton Cole

Posted by TC Energy

Hispanic Heritage month=

From Sept. 15 to Oct. 15 we celebrate National Hispanic and Latin American Heritage Month. This month celebrates the culture, history and accomplishments of people and their ancestors with heritage in Mexico, Spain, the Caribbean and South and Central America.

To celebrate National Hispanic and Latin American Heritage Month we sat down with Burton Cole, a passionate member of our Inclusion and Diversity Executive Council and member of the Hispanic and Latin American community.

Meet Burton

Burton is our Director of Finance – in charge of accounting for USNG based in Houston, Texas. He is a husband, father and soccer coach to his two young kids, as well as a dog dad to his Jack Russell Terrier, Frankie, who is particularly enjoying having Burton work from home.

Burton’s journey at TC started two years ago, after building his career in public accounting and at Spectra Energy. He is also a member of our Inclusion and Diversity Executive Council – acting as a champion for inclusion in his team and across our business. A driver behind Burton’s passion for inclusion is his own Hispanic heritage. Burton is a proud member of the Hispanic community — and whether it’s the history, the culture and or the amazing food – he believes there is so much to celebrate.

Growing up in a multiracial family, I always gravitated toward Hispanic culture from a very early age,” shares Burton, “I learned Spanish before I learned English. Although proud my paternal side can trace ancestry to the American Revolution, my maternal Hispanic side remains a large part of my identity – and who I am.”

Burton Cole
Director of Finance

Celebrate Hispanic and Latin American culture

Growing up Burton experienced questions about his culture and background. With a Hispanic mother and Caucasian father, he was often left with questions of his own identity.

“When I was young and in school, celebrating diversity was less common and naturally my classmates would ask - ‘what are you?’ Even today, I am still asked the same question by inquiring minds.” 

This led Burton to embrace the entirety of his identity and ultimately shape his passion for creating safe and inclusive environments.

My personal experience drives my passion for more inclusivity. It is important to keep front of mind that we are all connected and our unique diversity is to be celebrated,” shares Burton. “Diversity allows you to solve problems and innovate — within my teams I want people to be who they are and feel comfortable sharing all of their ideas.”

Burton Cole
Burton Cole and Family

Burton loves to celebrate his Hispanic roots. This year for Hispanic and Latin American Heritage Month, he plans to celebrate by gathering with his family and enjoying some traditional Hispanic dishes — his mom is famous in the family for her enchiladas.


Pay it forward — Empower Hispanic and Latin American communities

As a leader at TC, Burton is committed to paying it forward and championing diversity both at work and in his community.

He volunteers as the Vice-President of Finance for The Women’s Resource of Greater Houston, a non-profit that focuses on helping women and girls make choices toward becoming independent, productive and financially stable.

Burton teaches classes educating women who have left unfortunate situations on the importance of saving money and how to gain resources – like opening a bank account and getting a credit card.

“It’s a fantastic organization,” shares Burton, “It’s amazing to see the impacts on diverse communities across Houston, including the empowerment of women in Hispanic communities, which may have not had an opportunity otherwise to learn these things.”

Diversity and being your authentic self are the secret sauce for success. I encourage everyone to be exactly who they are and celebrate your culture and heritage.”

Burton Cole
Director of Finance

How you can celebrate Hispanic and Latin American Heritage Month

Here’s how you can get involved:

  • Enjoy some delicious Hispanic or Latin American food — Check out a local Hispanic-Latino restaurant or take a stab at creating a dish yourself!
  • Attend an event — Consider safely attending a Hispanic and Latin American Month Celebration or there are many online events!
  • Give to a Hispanic and Latin American Month cause — Support a Hispanic and Latin American Heritage Month cause by donating!