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Aug 6 2020

Why is natural gas important for society?

Posted by TC Energy

Did you know that TC Energy meets a quarter of U.S. demand for natural gas? But what does this demand really look like? It means homes, businesses, cities, manufacturers and others rely on natural gas every single day.

Natural gas is a clean-burning source of energy that is used for heating, cooling, electricity generation, creating indispensable materials (such as steel and concrete) and more. Plus, each of these broader operations actually entails many functions.

Electricity generated from natural gas, for example, not only powers small devices we use every day like smart phones, but also the networks of computers that keep our society running. While it may not seem monumental that your coffeemaker wouldn’t run without natural gas-fired electricity, if the same energy didn’t reach the traffic lights we rely on for safety, it would be catastrophic.


In fact, in 2019, natural gas accounted for 38 percent of total U.S. electricity generation. TC Energy employees are essential to building and maintaining the vast delivery network of natural gas that helps meet these substantial needs. But electricity is just the beginning of why natural gas is important for society.

Check out the above video to learn more about why natural gas—and why what we do here at TC Energy—matters so much!