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Nov 21 2019

Action Team takes on the challenge - Supporting our customers

Posted by TC Energy


TC Energy’s Canada Gas commercial customers are getting better and more concise information to support their decision making, thanks to the efforts of the Customer Operations Action Team launched just four months ago.

We recognize how important our operational information is in helping our customers make decisions for their operations and in some cases, their own customers. The Action Team is proving to be a fantastic way to engage and collaborate with customers to define key areas of improvement and co-create solutions.”

Ian Chisholm
Manager, Operations Planning

With 44 TC Energy customers onboard, representing natural gas buyers, sellers and transmission and distributors, the Action Team works to identify opportunities to enhance operational tools and communications that makes it easier for customers to do business with TC Energy and inform decisions. Getting agreement on solutions to meet various needs is a challenge, but the results are paying off.

“The changes the Action Team has already made to the NGTL Daily Operations Plan – which provides details on outages and other TC Energy natural gas market information – makes the information we receive much more accessible,” says Derek Leach, SaskEnergy’s Director of System Control, a transmission customer who relies on TC Energy’s information for natural gas interconnect decisions.

“The improvements we’ve been able to make to the Daily Operations Plan provide a level of comfort to my executives that we have the right information to make secure and reliable decisions for SaskEnergy’s customers. That’s important with 70 per cent of Saskatchewan’s natural gas coming from Alberta, mostly through TC Energy infrastructure.”

Nandha Visvanathan, Manager, Gas Trading and Management at ENMAX Energy Corporation in Calgary, is also seeing positive changes as a member of the Action Team.

“TC Energy is demonstrating that they understand the frustrations the natural gas industry is having in getting and understanding the information they’ve been putting out. Now, customers like me – a natural gas retail provider – are helping to drive that solution,” says Nandha, noting that TC Energy’s marketing representatives are helpful but may not always have the information that customers require readily available.

“I really appreciate that TC Energy is taking the time and involving the right folks in improving operational communications for customers. It no longer feels like TC Energy is at an arm’s length; it’s a refreshing change to be involved.”

The Action Team’s next focus is on TC Energy’s NrG Highway bulletins. Interested customers are welcome to contribute to improve this communications channel.