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Alberta Power Marketing

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 Powering Alberta Business — An independent power producer

TC Energy’s experience in the power industry and its portfolio of power-generation facilities in Alberta enable us to provide price and supply stability in the energy market.

In total, TC Energy manages, operates and markets close to 450 megawatts (MW) of electricity in the province. Our asset base and experience allows us to seize new opportunities and deliver value to clients in an ever changing energy environment. TC Energy is directly involved in all facets of the Alberta power market with expertise in power marketing and trading, generation development, retail services (billing and load settlement) and regulatory issues.

We offer wholesale power for a range of industries, including agriculture, oil and gas, commercial real estate, large scale commercial and industrial, public institutions and brokers and consultants  View our products and services.

Products and services

With our own natural gas power-generation facilities backing sales, we can provide clients with both financial and physical power products at a fixed price for a month, a year or a decade and can be tailored to any business need.



We provide our customers with a monthly Alberta power market update, detailing market information, trends and forecasts. Our most recent updates can be viewed and downloaded below.


The TC Energy advantage

Since 1999, TC Energy has built a solid reputation in the electricity market by building a network of reliable assets and flexible contracts aimed at helping our clients thrive. When you choose TC Energy, you’re choosing a stable partner that can provide advice for today, value for tomorrow and opportunities to grow for years to come.

Documents and maps

TC Energy is a leader in wholesale power marketing in Alberta. Our company operates a significant portfolio of power-generation facilities in the province with an output of close to 450 megawatts (MW) of power.

How are we regulated?

By the Alberta Energy Regulator (AER).

Since 1999, TC Energy has been licensed to transmit electricity within Alberta by the Alberta Energy Regulator.

Alberta Energy Regulator (AER)
Local 1-403-297-8311 1-403-297-7336
Toll-Free 1-855-297-8311


Ways to reach us

TC Energy is committed to notifying affected landowners, towns, communities and local, state and federal governments and agencies involved in the Project. If you have any questions about the Project, please reach out to us via the contact information below.

Power Alberta Marketing (TC Energy Corporation)


TC Energy Corporation

Attention: Power Alberta
450 – 1st Street SW
Calgary, Alberta
T2P 5H1

        Toll-Free (North America)

Ryan Laverty
Director, Energy Origination & Development:


Karla Palardy
Senior Originator, Energy Origination & Development:



Power your business with TC Energy

Learn more about the TC Energy advantage today. Contact a Power Alberta representative now for a wholesale supply quote. We also provide a monthly Alberta Power Market Update newsletter, detailing market info, trends and forecasts.