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Media statement - June 28, 2023

Project Tundra is TC Energy's first carbon capture and sequestration project in the U.S.

Project TundraMinnkota's Young Station, the location of Project Tundra

As North Americans transition to lower and zero-carbon energy sources, TC Energy is leading the way by providing innovative solutions to meet customer demand.

On June 28, Minnkota Power Cooperative outlined how an agreement with TC Energy will move Project Tundra into its final stage of project development. Tundra will represent TC Energy’s first carbon capture and sequestration project in the U.S. and will capture up to approximately 4 million tons of CO2 per annum from Minnkota’s Milton R. Young Station in North Dakota.

“Today's announcement is a powerful example of private industry and cooperative utilities collaborating to bring scaled change to the energy transition,” said Corey Hessen, Executive Vice President and President, Power and Energy Solutions at TC Energy. “With Minnkota, Mitsubishi and Kiewit we will combine our respective capabilities to deliver a de-risked commercial and technical solution. This ambitious carbon capture and sequestration project will enable Young Station to provide power for decades to come…safely, reliably and with a significantly lower emissions profile."

CCUS is an essential step in decarbonization and reducing GHG emissions to help meet North America’s climate goals.