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Media statement - UPDATE - April 29, 2023

Fire extinguished after suspected lightning strike at Corinth Compressor Station

UPDATE — April 29, 2023

Columbia Gulf Transmission, LLC (CGT) has completed operational adjustments on the impacted segment of its system near Corinth, Mississippi. Today, we notified customers that the Force Majeure at the Corinth Compressor Station has been lifted. We will continue to provide updates directly to impacted customers and stakeholders, as appropriate.

April 28, 2023

Columbia Gulf Transmission, LLC (CGT) promptly activated its emergency response procedures to address a fire at its Corinth Compressor Station in Mississippi resulting from a suspected lightning strike during severe storms occurring early on April 28, 2023. No one was injured in the incident, and the fire has now been extinguished. We appreciate the support and prompt collaboration from local fire and emergency personnel.

To maintain the safety and reliability of the system, we have isolated the Corinth Compressor Station and have notified customers of a force majeure event. CGT is in the process of making operational adjustments to allow a portion of volume to resume safely flowing through the impacted segment of the system.

While we continue to assess the impacts, we expect them to be minimal and short in duration. We will continue to provide updates directly to impacted customers and stakeholders.