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Jun 17 2020

TC Energy research and development project nominated for a Global Energy Award

Posted by TC Energy


Our Technical Centre team recognized as ‘Collaborative Trendsetters

We are thrilled to have been nominated for a Global Energy Award in the ‘Collaborative Trendsetter’ category for our work on the Plausible Profiles Corrosion Assessment Model or ‘P Square’ for short. This industry disrupting model has been extensively reviewed and is endorsed by global industry experts as a significant improvement to existing models. It has been presented to regulators, international industry organizations and standards committees and welcomed by operators across the world.

Check out our award submission video: 


Collaborative approach

Collaboration is one of our core values. Being nominated for an award, recognizing our collaboration and pushing our industry forward – while making our assets safer and more sustainable, is a great honour. I couldn’t be prouder of the team – this innovative solution involved the strategic improvement of a critical element that addresses the most dominant threat on our systems.”

Shahani Kariyawasam,
Director of Risk and Engineering Strategy

Making an impact

When it comes to pipeline integrity decision-making, predictive models are at the heart of it. These models help us answer important questions like, when and where should we conduct an integrity dig on one of our pipelines?

Preventative maintenance activities are critical to keeping our assets safe. This work often involves mobilizing a team to site to conduct integrity digs, revealing sections of pipe where corrosion features may exist and inspecting those features to gather data.

While this work is critically important, it can be costly and has environmental impacts, particularly if the dig reveals that additional maintenance is not required. But, what if there was a way to more accurately predict the condition of the pipe without having to conduct so many digs? And, that’s where the P Square Model comes in.

The model provides a more accurate representation of corrosion features in pipelines; allowing operators to make better decisions for preventative maintenance, integrity digs and other pipeline integrity activities.

“Improving safety is about doing the right work, not more work,” says Shahani.

“This has both economic and environmental benefits – preventing unnecessary ground disturbances and making our maintenance activities more efficient.”

Leading the way for our industry

Development of the P Square Model involved an immense collaborative industry review and validation process, which culminated in 2019 with endorsement from Pipeline Research Council International industry experts. The current industry model was published in 1989 and is incorporated by reference in Federal regulations worldwide.

“The P Square Methodology is the first industry-wide improvement to that model in the ensuing 30 years and work is ongoing to incorporate this into referenced standards,” adds Shahani.

TC Energy has a long and successful history in developing and mobilizing industry changing research and technology. We publish dozens of technical research papers each year and our work has been adopted by operators and regulators across the world.

We are honoured to be considered for this award among our peers who continue to push our industry towards higher safety and environmental standards.