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Creating our energy future

Use natural gas? Meet the NGTL System

The NGTL System can be the start of moving a molecule of gas from northeast B.C. to Mexico City. Is the NGTL System a part of your life?



What is the NGTL System?

In Canada, we have a very large natural gas source known as the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin (WCSB) in addition to smaller natural gas sources. The NGTL System is a 25,000 km (15,0000-mile) pipeline system located primarily throughout Alberta and northeast B.C. – where the WCSB is located – and connects with other pipeline systems to deliver gas across North America. According to the Canadian Gas Association, natural gas meets 35 per cent of Canada’s energy needs through heat and power.


Is gas that travels through the NGTL System environmentally responsible?

In Canada, investment in technology and a responsible approach to resource development makes natural gas transported by the NGTL System one of the most environmentally responsible sources of energy in the world. And, our NGTL expansion projects are being designed and constructed with state-of-the-art technology, including efficiency improvements, to reduce fuel usage and limit our environmental impact to help meet or exceed regulatory emissions targets. This approach to energy development continues to be a key focus of Canadian government policies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


Who uses the gas from the NGTL System?

The NGTL System may be located in Alberta and northeast B.C., but is a key part in delivering energy to millions of North Americans every day by connecting to other pipeline systems. In fact, one in every four molecules of natural gas across North America comes through TC Energy’s natural gas infrastructure, including gas sourced from the WCSB. With recent additions to our TC Energy pipeline infrastructure, we can now move a molecule of natural gas from the NGTL System to Mexico City, connecting the continent like no other energy company in North America.


How will the NGTL System meet growing demand for natural gas?

The NGTL System currently has a $9.9 billion infrastructure program underway to add 3.5Bcf/d of incremental delivery capacity between 2020 to 2024. This additional capacity will help meet growing need for natural gas in North American and global markets, including the potential to supply LNG export facilities in Canada.

Key facts

25,000 km (15,000-mile) natural gas pipeline system

Natural gas meets 35% of Canada’s energy needs through heat and power

NGTL delivers natural gas to millions of North Americans 

$9.9 billion infrastructure program underway