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April is National Safe Digging Month

Did you know...

Every year in North America, contact with underground utilities causes unnecessary injuries, deaths and billions of dollars worth of damages.

Most incidents could be prevented by using your local One-Call service to locate utilities before you dig.

April was designated Safe Digging Month to help raise awareness around this important issue, at a time when many of us may be planning our spring and summer projects. From backyard DIY decks to road construction to municipal development, your first step in planning any project that involves digging should be to understand where it is safe to dig, and where your essential utilities are.

Why take the risk?

When you make a locate request, the One-Call provider will notify utility owners in the area, who will come out and mark the pipes, cables, wires and more that could be running through your work area. It’s a free service and is completed in 3-5 days, depending on your province or state.

Why is it important?

Hear two different perspectives on safe digging, one from someone who’s life and health were severely impacted by digging near underground utilities, and the other from a business owner whose home and business are next to a pipeline.



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Safe Digging, lessons learned

Olympian Cliff Meidl tells his inspiring story of recovery and perseverance, following a tragic excavation accident. From simply learning to walk again, to beating the odds and making the U.S. Olympic Team-- twice. It is a reminder to us all, that accidents can happen to anyone.


Expanding operations the safe way

Hugo Bonjean, owner of Spirit Hills Winery, won't even put a fence post in the ground unless he's done his due dilligence, and contacted us to ensure his land is marked safe for digging.

Dig with C.A.R.E.

Call or click before you dig
Visit Clickbeforeyoudig.com in Canada or call 811.com in the United States

Allow required time for marking
Allow two-to-five business days (varies by state and province)

Respect the marks
Lines are marked by flags, paint or other markers (normally yellow for pipelines)

Excavate carefully
Hand dig to determine the exact locations of pipelines. All digging must take place during the time allotted by the TC Energy representative

How to use the One-Call Service

How the OneCall System works - Digging on the farm

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Life-saving information

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