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Celebrate Diversity Month

Apr 5 2022

We all have
a story to share

Posted by TC Energy

April is Celebrate Diversity Month — An opportunity to recognize and celebrate what makes each of us unique — whether that’s personality, culture, background, traditions or many other aspects of our identities. We all have a story to share — let’s embrace our differences and enable a creative, innovative and high-performing culture.

To start the conversation, Mel Garner, John Jackson and Romina Hernandez Morales were gracious enough to let us get to know them a bit better.

This is me, Mel

Mel - Me at TC Energy

I am an avid gardener, runner, lawyer, leader and a mom to my two kids. At TC, I am the Manager of Indigenous Relations Canada. In my role I advocate for policy change and processes that allow for greater inclusion of Indigenous perspectives, knowledge and participation. I am also a passionate member of the Inclusion and Diversity Executive Council.

My mother is a residential school survivor — growing up as an Indigenous person, I did not always feel like I could embrace the entirety of who I was and feel proud of my identity at work and beyond.

Because of this, I publicly share my own experiences of marginalization as part of my lasting commitment to speak out, inspire action and challenge the legacy of colonialism in Canada.

I have a unique perspective to share as an Indigenous person. Although we still have a long way to go, I am inspired by the progress that I have seen happen in recognition of Indigenous rights and reconciliation.

This is me, John

I am a father of four. I am passionate about making a difference in my community and being a role-model to the youth within my community. At TC, I am an Operations Manager located in Virginia.

I oversee operations and maintenance of underground and above-ground pipeline as well as three different compressor stations. I am proud to have worked at TC for nearly 30 years.

Something people may not know about me is that my wife and I are an interracial couple and actively embracing diversity is part of our everyday life. We encourage our kids to embrace the entirety of who they are and I try and model that for my team as well. I believe that no matter your position, background, gender or experience — we all have a unique and valuable perspective to share.

John - Me at TC Energy

Esta soy yo, Romina

Romina - Me at TC Energy

I love to spend time with my family, go dancing and attend rock concerts. My favourite singer is Enrique Bunbury! At TC, I am a Gas Controller in Mexico City. I work to ensure that gas reaches its destinations and does not encounter any transport issues.

As a woman in engineering, I have always been surrounded by more men than women at school and at work. In previous jobs, I have not always felt like my abilities were valued or that I was seen as an equal part of the team. We still have a long way to go to truly have diversity on our teams but at TC I feel as though I am respected and my ideas are valued. The diversity within our organization will better prepare us to achieve our goals and objectives. I am excited to continue to see the momentum build and female representation within engineering increase.