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Committed to Sustainability

For TC Energy, sustainability is foundational in everything we do – in our culture, our stakeholder engagements and partnerships and in our decision-making. To be truly sustainable, we believe we must continue to evolve and innovate to meet society’s challenges and needs.

Our purpose is to deliver the energy people need, every day. Guided by our values, we have a direct and important role to play in delivering a shared future that is more equitable, just and ultimately sustainable.


Safety is, and always will be, our number one value.

Our commitment is to build and operate the Southeast Gateway Project safely so that communities, our workforce and the environment aren’t affected by our activities – during construction and for the life of the project.

With over 70 years of experience building and operating pipelines, TC Energy uses only the best materials and safety practices. From design and construction to operation and maintenance, we are committed to keeping Southeast Gateway and your communities safe.

Did you know?

Pipelines are the safest method to transport natural gas across long distances, this includes marine pipelines, which create further protection for the land and the communities inland and along the coast.

Southeast Gateway will be monitored around the clock. This means 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year through our control room and other support systems such as satellite technologies, aerial and underwater inspections, internal monitoring and more.

Environmental protection

At TC Energy, we’re committed to protecting the environment. Not just because we have to, but because we want to. We respect the diversity of the landscapes where we operate and work to minimize our environmental footprint while meeting the world’s growing demand for safe and reliable energy.

The Southeast Gateway Project will meet the highest environmental standards and utilize innovative technology and global-leading practices to protect the marine environment.

Key Facts

  • Southeast Gateway is one of the most studied marine pipeline routes in the world, with more than $50 million USD invested in marine studies and development of the marine components of the project to date
  • The project route has been studied by world leading experts and independently validated by authorities
  • We studied areas well outside the project corridor which contributes to a greater understanding of the surrounding marine areas
  • Our studies resulted in our designing a route that does not touch or cross living coral reefs; it will be located more than 1 km from protected areas
  • We will comply with all applicable regulations and permits

Did you know?

Natural gas produces 40-50% fewer pollutants when used in place of coal and 25% less when used in place of fuel oil.

Learn more about our marine life protection

Natural gas and a cleaner energy future

TC Energy is playing a proactive role to support positive change – embracing the energy transition that is underway and contributing to a lower-carbon energy world.

With an integrated network of assets across North America, we play an important part to play in transitioning to a clean energy future. As we continue to reduce GHG emissions within our operations, we're also focused on providing low-carbon energy options to our customers.

Natural gas plays a critical role in Mexico’s cleaner energy future. In addition to satisfying new growth, new natural gas fired power generation will displace high carbon fuels the country has historically relied on, thus reducing greenhouse gas emissions and other pollutants.

Social well-being

Southeast Gateway is vital to the build out of the backbone of infrastructure that will enable Mexico’s social and economic growth, which contributes to closing the gap between the north and the south and reducing the inequality gap.

Access to natural gas will enable industries to reduce production costs, leading to improved market competitiveness, making these regions more attractive for investment, and triggering the creation of long-term high-quality jobs.

The build out of Mexico’s energy infrastructure will benefit millions of people in around one third of the states in Mexico.

It will enable lower power generation costs contributing to CFE’s mandate of preventing increase on electricity bills for the people.

The Southeast Gateway Project will bring reliable low carbon, low-cost energy that will help to promote the social and economic development for southern and southeast communities in Mexico, in a cleaner and more sustainable way.

Learn more about our commitment to sustainability.