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Creating Mexico's Energy Future

The Southeast Gateway Project is a nation-building legacy that will positively change the energy landscape in Mexico, bringing social and economic development to the people in the southeast of the country and delivering in a sustainable and environmentally responsible manner.

Community and social benefits

Community & social benefits

  • Shared prosperity through jobs and opportunities
  • More reliable, affordable and cleaner energy
  • Social investment in communities
Community and social benefits

Economic benefits

  • Enablement of future investment
  • Energy security for Mexico
  • Integration between the North and the South, enabling prosperity in the Isthmus and the Yucatan Peninsula regions
Community and social benefits


  • Improved air quality and reduced emissions through displacement of higher-carbon fuels
  • Advancement of social wellbeing through opportunities for the people from the center and southeast of the country

Building a better future and creating jobs for local people

As a TC Energía Field Engineer working on the Southeast Gateway in southeast Mexico, Lucero Sanchez is very happy to be participating in this Project that will bring positive transformation for the region.

Safe energy development and construction creates benefits for local workers, businesses and communities.

A reliable and sustainable energy future is the foundation for prosperity and economic growth for all Mexicans.