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May 7 2021

2021 Annual Meeting of Shareholders


How to participate in our 2021 virtual AGM

In light of the continued impacts of COVID-19 and the paramount need to protect public health, including the health of our shareholders, employees and other stakeholders and in line with recommendations imposed by public health officials to limit public gatherings, TC Energy will be holding its meeting via a virtual-only format, using a live audio webcast.

The meeting will be available online:

This link will open at 9 a.m. MDT on May 7, 2021.

The virtual meeting format will enable shareholders and duly appointed proxyholders to vote, ask questions and provide feedback to TC Energy. Our directors and management believe this format will provide shareholders a safer alternative to a physical meeting and will allow for participation of all shareholders and duly appointed proxyholders, regardless of their geographic location. We are making every effort to replicate the elements of our in-person meetings and provide an equivalent experience to participants.

For shareholders and duly appointed proxyholders, we continue to encourage voting and submitting questions in advance.

Additional information on how to access the online meeting can be found in the Q&A below, or in our 2021 Management information circular.

Q and A