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Reducing emissions

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions at our compressor stations

We are working hard to reduce the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions intensity of our operations while developing the next generation of lower-carbon energy solutions.
For example, on our natural gas pipeline systems, we are applying numerous strategies to modernize, improve operational efficiency and decarbonize the energy sources that support our operations.
A significant portion of our emissions are from the combustion of fuel used by compressor units on our natural gas pipelines. To reduce this predominant emissions source, we are working to gradually convert our compressor fleet to electric motor drives, where it is feasible to do so.


What are compressor stations?

As natural gas flows down a pipeline, it slows due to friction along the pipe, resulting in a drop in pressure. To keep the gas flowing at a safe, reliable rate, it is re-pressurized at locations along the pipeline. This is done by mechanically compressing the gas at sites connected to the pipeline – known as compressor stations. Compressor stations move the natural gas through pipelines to reach homes, hospitals, schools and other facilities to provide everyday comforts, such as heating, cooling and cooking.
The location and number of compressor stations needed on a pipeline system is dependent on several factors, including the operating pressure of the pipeline, the diameter of the pipe, elevation changes along the route and the volume of gas to be transported.

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What is electrification and how are we implementing it?

New technology allows for zero-emission electric motors or hybrid compressor units to replace traditional gas-powered compressor units. These compressor units will reduce or eliminate the need for on-site gas consumption, significantly reducing emissions on our pipeline systems.

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What are Dual Drive Technologies, Ltd.TM (Dual Drive) compressor units?

For added reliability (where it is technically feasible to do so), we will install and operate Dual Drive Technologies, Ltd.TM (“Dual Drive”) compressor units on our pipelines. These units will operate on zero-emission, electric-driven motors to compress gas. However, in the event of an emergency, such as the power outages experienced across Texas in 2021, the pipeline will temporarily switch to a natural gas-powered engine to keep needed gas supply flowing across its system to places like homes, hospitals and schools. The gas power will only be utilized during an emergency, including during power outages to maintain system reliability and still deliver the energy needed.

Electrification of our compressor stations is already ongoing on some of our projects, including the Virginia Electrification Project, and will continue to be a key element of optimizing our existing assets.

Learn more about how we are reducing our GHG emissions: www.TCEnergy.com/netzero