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Working near our pipelines

Before starting any work on a pipeline right-of-way, there are two key things to remember to ensure your work is completed safely.

1. Approval from the pipeline operator is required before working on the right-of way

2. A pipeline representative must be present before beginning work on the right-of-way

If your project goes ahead without proper approval from the pipeline operator, you are at risk of damaging the pipeline, creating an unsafe situation, and possible fines and penalties.

Why take the risk?

To help you in your planning, either before you contact the pipeline operator or while collaborating with a pipeline representative, we have some useful Minimum Construction Guidelines that outline basic requirements to consider in your plans.

Minimum Construction Guidelines

Consult TC Energy early in your planning

TC Energy must review and approve all plans for proposed construction impacting a TC Energy right-of-way.

To expedite construction or excavation, submit your plans to TC Energy for review in the design phase of the project before applying for permits or committing to construction.

TC Energy requires a minimum of 60 days to review design plans.

Contact our crossings team at us_crossings@tcenergy.com or call 1-800-562-8931.

Notify TC Energy before construction begins

No construction or excavation activities of any kind shall be performed on or near TC Energy’s rights-of-way until TC Energy personnel have reviewed the location of all affected facilities and the limits of the right-of-way and provided an approved Agreement. This includes crossing with heavy equipment or blasting within 325 feet of the pipeline.

Start by calling 811 before you dig or using your state’s One Call notification service. Request that both the location and approximate depth of the pipeline be determined.

A pipeline representative must be present before beginning work on the right-of-way


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