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Ready to start that backyard project? Not so fast! Did you make a Locate Request first?

If you plan on doing any digging, you need to have your underground utilities marked so that you don’t strike a gas line, electricity cable, or one of the many other essential services running through everyone’s yards.

Every year, damage to underground utilities costs taxpayers billions of dollars, as well as numerous injuries and even death, all of which could be prevented by using your local One-Call service.

To learn more about the service and the laws in your area, please visit www.ClickBeforeYouDig.com in Canada, or www.Call811.com in the United States.

It's free, it's fast and in most areas, it's required by law. Striking an underground utility could cause serious injury or death, and you may face fines and repair costs.

Before any digging, no matter how shallow, make the call.

How to use the
One-Call service
How the OneCall System works - Digging on the farm

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Markers and
their meanings
How the OneCall System works - Digging on the farm

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