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Drainage and trenching

The never-ending battle with water

Water is a constant issue for farmers and excavators. Whether too much or too little, it needs to be managed, especially when your crop or livelihood is at stake.

This means undertaking some of the highest risk activities for pipelines, by installing things like drain tile, irrigation lines, drainage trenches and more. These activities involve digging deep with heavy equipment that can easily damage a pipeline.

That’s why it is crucial that contact your local One-Call service before doing any drainage or trenching activities near a pipeline right-of-way. You can reach them by using www.Call811.com in the United States, or www.ClickBeforeYouDig.com in Canada.

Even if you see the pipeline markers, they don’t always indicate the exact location or depth of the pipeline, and the line may not travel in a straight path.

Watch the video to see how one family narrowly missed a serious incident when installing drain tile on their farm.

Drain Tile Safety Coalition

For more info on Drain Tiling, visit the Drain Tiling Safety Coalition webpage for useful information and tips on installing drain tile safely.

Further information regarding pipelines located in your community can be accessed through the National Pipeline Mapping System at www.npms.phmsa.dot.gov

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