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Alberta, B.C. recent system expansions benefits include enhancing market access

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A multi-year effort to expand the NGTL and Foothills systems has seen the in-service of several projects over the past few months, furthering North American energy security, boosting local economies and providing customers with additional market access.

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The expansions help to provide natural gas where it’s needed, including LNG supply. In Alberta, the recent NGTL projects played a pivotal role in facilitating the transition from coal to lower-emission natural gas power generation.

Did you know?

NGTL's design allows for flexible operations to keep gas flowing safely and reliably which is beneficial for quickly responding to evolving situations like the 2023 Western Canada wildfires.

Recent project completions

570km (354 mi) pipeline added
Most recent in-service date*
North Corridor Expansion NGTL 81 km and additional compression May 2023
West Path Delivery 2022 NGTL and Foothills 23 km to NGTL, 13 km to Foothills April 2023
Groundbirch Mainline Loop – Sunrise section NGTL 24 km April 2023
2021 NGTL System Expansion NGTL 344 km and additional compression March 2023, meeting all firm current customer contracts
Edson Mainline Expansion NGTL 85 km** October 2022

*Projects such as the 2021 NGTL System Expansion can have several sections with various in-service timelines.
**Additional facilities, like the Clearwater Compressor Unit Addition, had a role in increasing capacity. Upgrades to the facility were also part of the Edson Mainline Expansion project.

Record-breaking reach

The 2021 NGTL System Expansion project included the longest horizontal directional drill (HDD) at 1.4 km in North America for NPS 48 (48-inch diameter) pipe installed under the Pembina River.

By the numbers – how recent project expansions are collectively providing benefits

With 570 km of new pipe added to our existing pipeline systems, more gas can be transported across North America to heat and power homes, buildings, hospitals and schools, as well as further LNG supply out of the Gulf Coast.

For customers:

  • The projects contributed to incremental throughput capacity on the NGTL System by 2 bcf/day – in large part due to the overall 2021 NGTL System Expansion – accounting for almost two thirds of the 2.9 bcf/day of system capacity added to NGTL since 2018. The additional capacity is allowing for a record amount of gas to be transported on the system.

For local economies:

  • Project construction provided an economic benefit of approximately $2.1 billion in combined provincial GDP for Alberta and B.C.
  • During peak construction, more than 10,365 people were employed as part of the project workforce.
  • Over $2 million in community investment has been contributed to date to local communities as part of our commitment to landowners, rightsholders, and other stakeholders to build strong communities where we live and work.
  • Now operational, the expansions will contribute approximately $8.3 million in annual property taxes to support schools, hospitals, emergency services, recreation facilities, recycling programs and other programs.

For Indigenous groups:

New pipeline infrastructure decreases environmental impact  

Pipeline technology has evolved. Today’s pipelines are helping TC Energy meet or exceed regulatory emissions targets with newer, more efficient technology, while also providing reliable energy.

What’s next?

Later this year, the West Path Delivery 2023 projects and Groundbirch Mainline Loop – Saturn section are anticipated to be complete and go into service, while energy transition projects, including the Alberta Carbon Grid, continue development.

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