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"Innovation runs through our veins at TC" - how our students rose to the challenge

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Alex Bauer, Kristina Nordquist, Manahil Khan, Joseph Jacknife

(Starting from left to right, Alex Bauer, Kristina Nordquist, Manahil Khan, Joseph Jacknife)

The SIIC experience

The Student Innovation and Improvement Challenge (SIIC) was led by fellow students Sinikta Joshi, Morgan Trewin, Sarah Schwab and Kale Starnino, who successfully helped spark innovation and create a new challenge for students.

This summer, Canadian students in Canada Gas and the Technical Center, had the opportunity to build relationships with their peers, collaborate with subject matter experts (SMEs) and learn more about the energy sector as they thought of innovative solutions to energy problems that the energy industry is facing. Twelve teams presented their ideas to a panel of senior employees and were all celebrated for challenging the status quo, encouraging and sharing innovative ideas, and having the courage to start their journey as energy problem solvers.

The 2022 winners

The winning team looked at an alternative way to perform vegetation management on our right of ways by consulting with various stakeholders, considering TCE’s core values and understanding the potential impacts on our Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) values.

When asked, the team shared that their research led them to the conclusion that implementing a new innovative approach to vegetation management could lead to lower environmental impact.

“This competition really showed me how supportive the whole organization is of students. I think providing students with an initiative like this is valuable to help them grow their network and learn about many different teams. Overall, I think SIIC really proved how much TC values collaboration and innovation within the company.” - Manahil Khan.

SIIC photo collage

TC Energy is a safe place for students to collaborate, innovate and share their ideas with many peers and SMEs in their field. Our workforce was very engaged and supportive of this student led initiative with many individuals volunteering their time to mentor and judge the competition. Tyler Engel, one of our SMEs in innovative projects, mentored several students throughout their experience.

“It was reinvigorating to work with many young professionals who were excited to use their time to solve many of the challenge statements facing both our organization and our industry. I would encourage all individuals who are interested in seeing the skill sets and passions of the next generation of Energy Problem Solvers to participate as an SME,” shared Tyler.

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