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Apr 11 2022

Meet Mirela | Passionate volunteer driven by action in service of others

Posted by TC Energy

Meet Mirela | Passionate volunteer, driven by action in service of others

One good deed can make a difference in the life of a colleague, a family member, a friend or even a stranger – and the positive ripple effect can have an infinite shelf-life. From April 11 – 22, we’re celebrating National Volunteer Week with our Good Deeds campaign – an opportunity for our people to give back and double their impact in their local communities.

Meet Mirela Hiti, Manager, Energy Transition Technologies, on of TC Energy’s passionate volunteers who puts her skills to work in service of others to make lasting impacts.  

To say Mirela has a lot on her plate would be an understatement – yet immense curiosity and desire to serve others continue to inspire action in Mirela’s day-to-day life to make lasting impacts.

From enabling sustainable choices and tackling the root cause of homelessness to supporting expression through the arts – Mirela seeks connection with the organizations she volunteers her time; through alignment of values, passion and purpose. Serving on three separate Boards— for Green Calgary Association, Calgary Drop-In Centre and Calgary Opera Association— she is focused on what the organizations do, but more importantly, how they achieve it. Mirela is committed to putting her skills to work in service of others.

“We all walk this world with many skills and strengths. I believe we have the responsibility to use them in service of others. In doing so, we not only have a massive impact on others but also on ourselves – I get so much fulfillment through giving back.”

It gives my curiosity a sense of purpose – we’re all seeking answers to the issues we question. By volunteering, I can be part of the solution. And, it’s not always about the answers, but about continuing to ask the right questions to connect the dots and make meaningful change.”

Mirela Hiti
Manager, Energy Transition Technologies

Good Deeds campaign | Small moments, lasting impacts

“Often, we hold back action because we think the action is too small to have an impact,” shares Mirela. “No matter how small, every action we take has the potential to make a lasting impact. Not doing something because we think it’s too small is the biggest mistake we can make.”

The possibilities to make an impact are endless; whether it is helping clean a park, serving meals at a local homeless shelter, planting trees, offering a compliment or acknowledgment, or other ways.

“The kindness of even the tiniest moment reframes it to make a significant difference. I live for small moments.”