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Mar 28 2022

Reaping the rewards | From TC Energy scholarship recipient to TC Energy employee

Posted by TC Energy

Reaping the rewards | From TC Energy scholarship recipient to TC Energy employee

TC Energy recently kicked off its 2022 scholarship program targeting students who reside in or near communities that host our operations and projects. The program encourages the next generation of leaders in our communities and is one way the company is encouraging a diverse workforce for the future. Since its inception in 2017, the company has awarded 3,478 scholarships, totaling more than C$8.5M across North America.

While we have the numbers to show that TC Energy delivers on its commitment to support education, tracking the success of our recipients isn’t always easy.

Meet Maxwell (Max) Jarvie, TC Energy scholarship recipient, who is now a TC Energy employee.

Max, who started his job as a gas controller in Houston eight months ago, says he almost didn’t apply for the scholarship because he wasn't a fan of writing essays as an engineering student, but thought it was worthwhile. Because the program ensures that the funds go directly to the students instead of a post-secondary tuition account, Max was able to use his funds to expand his academic pursuits.

I was studying to obtain a mechanical engineering degree, but still looking for ways to expand my horizons and connect with my passions beyond getting involved in engineer-type activities, such as building a Formula One car. The award gave me the financial freedom to join a finance club, which I enjoyed so much that it led to my decision to obtain my MBA.”

Maxwell (Max) Jarvie
Gas Controller

As an avid triathlete, car enthusiast, and carpenter, Max is proof that individuals who pursue multiple talents, not simply academics, are the type of people TC Energy looks to employ. He believes everything from applying for the scholarship to getting a job with the company was his life moving in the right direction.

"While pursuing my undergraduate degree, I interned at a gas plant and loved the industry, but never got a chance get back into it. When I saw there was an open position with TC Energy, it sparked that interest again, and everything fell into place," says Max, who is now an advocate for the scholarship program and our industry.

"Since working for the company, I’ve realized how important natural gas is; how much we use it every single day, and my role is making sure we deliver it to those who need it. Seeing how everyone across the organization is working together to deliver on that helps puts everything into perspective for me."

Gas Controller Maxwell Jarvie

In 2019, when Max received his scholarship, more than 1,000 scholarships – over C$2M in total – were awarded to students from 380 different communities across North America.

Whether TC Energy is providing grants, awarding scholarships, or sponsoring local events that bring community members together, the goal is to help build strong, vibrant communities across our footprint.

"I'm constantly telling my friends and family members in school what a fantastic opportunity the TC Energy scholarship is and encourage them to apply for it. It's a seamless process that can truly impact and change the course of not only your educational path but also your career trajectory.”

Do you know anyone who might be interested in receiving a scholarship? TC Energy’s Scholarship Program is currently accepting applications. It’s simple and easy to apply.

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