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Apr 29 2021

Stories from the field: An ACPP participant's experience

Posted by TC Energy


Stories from the field

The Aboriginal Construction Participation Program (ACPP) provides an opportunity for Indigenous groups to see first-hand how we construct a pipeline, identify possible concerns and observe, record and report back to their communities on construction activities. Brent McDonald was selected by the Aseniwuche Winewak Nation to represent his community in the ACPP on the Robb Section of the 2021 NGTL System Expansion Project.

Brent's work experence

Brent shares his candid experience in an informative piece he wrote for the Aseniwuche Winewak Nation Newsletter. Read his story about his experience as a participant in the ACPP and learn more about our unwavering commitment to reconciliation with Indigenous groups across the continent.

Read Brent's story


Representing my community is an honour. Participating in this project allows me to demonstrate my dedication to my work and field of study. Being a set of eyes and a voice for my community’s values on the pipeline gives me a feeling of great pride. Out here on the pipeline, I’m like a sponge soaking up an ocean full of knowledge and experiences. Very rarely can you say that about a job, but with an open mind, there’s so much to take back with you doing this kind of work. I’m very fortunate to be participating in this project and look forward to reporting back to my community.”

Brent McDonald
ACPP participant