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Apr 15 2021

Creating lifelong safety ambassadors

Posted by TC Energy


April is Safe Digging Month. Every year, utility damages cost taxpayers and companies billions of dollars, as well as hundreds of preventable injuries and deaths. Throughout Safe Digging Month, energy and utility companies, non-profit organizations and governments work together to bring greater awareness to safe digging practices throughout our communities. 

Say YES!

As part of TC Energy’s Youth Energy Safe (YES) program, we help educate thousands of youth about underground utility safety and provide grants to youth organizations for digging safely.

Our YES program consists of YES Kits and YES Awards.

Calling all teachers – YES Kits

YES Kits contain fun and interactive teaching tools including presentations, videos, pipeline marker and flag props, games and take-home items for the kids.

Teachers from schools near where TC Energy operates can order YES kits for free online to use in the classroom. They are also used for Farm Safety Days across the U.S. and Canada. The kits are user friendly, with helpful guides, speaking notes and presentations so that anyone can use them.

It’s never too early to learn about safety. Over the past two years alone, we’ve spread this important message to over 20,000 youth across North America.



Calling non-profits – YES Awards

Our YES Awards support and recognize youth-focused, non-profit organizations for practicing safe digging during activities like tree planting, playground construction or anything that involves putting a shovel in the ground.

We do this by rewarding them for making a One-Call locate request, a free service that will send experts to their project site to find and mark all the hidden underground utilities, helping prevent potential accidents or unsafe situations.

Organizations are eligible to receive a $1,000 grant, simply by using this service, keeping the One-Call ticket number they’re given, and including it with their YES Award application.

What can I do?

Spread the word! Share these opportunities and help us to create a generation of safety ambassadors.

Know a teacher? Send them a link to our YES Kits.

Do you or a friend have kids in a youth group? Tell them how to apply for their $1,000 grant!

It’s easy to do, simply visit www.youthenergysafe.com today and say YES to practicing safe digging.

Happy Safe Digging Month!