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Mar 8 2021

Celebrating women making an impact at TC Energy

Posted by TC Energy


Today we celebrate and recognize International Women's Day (IWD) – a global movement promoting equality and a gender-inclusive world. A perfect time to highlight just a few of the amazing woman making an impact at TC Energy.

From the office to the field, there is a place for everyone at TC Energy. Labourers, equipment operators, engineers, community advisors, administrators, environmental monitors, skilled tradespeople and project managers are just a few of the diverse roles filled by women.

Meet some of the extraordinary women inspiring change, challenging gender roles and driving our company and industry forward.

Olamide, Engineer-In-Training, TC Energy

Creating an extraordinary legacy holds a personal meaning for Olamide, an Engineer-In-Training with TC Energy. Both of her parents work in the energy industry, inspiring her to become an engineer. While studying at the University of Calgary, Olamide joined TC Energy as an intern. She’s since supported the completion of Coastal GasLink’s Kitimat Meter Station.

“Every day I wake up, I still can’t believe I’m the one out here getting to see this come to construction,” Olamide says of her time working on Coastal GasLink. “This is one of the most impactful projects in Canada right now, and to be someone on the ground witnessing it happen is so incredible.”

Olamide is proudly carrying her family’s legacy forward for the next generation of engineers as she embraces the opportunities at TC Energy, where she’s currently working on the Canada Gas Measurement Projects team.

“It’s almost like my dad is passing on the baton. It’s such an awesome feeling.”  

Kelsey, Level 2 Facilities Technician, TC Energy

Kelsey knows firsthand the power of lifting each other up: she attributes her current career to the support and mentorship of women working in the trades.

“I was feeling lost in university, and I was lucky to have two amazing friends, who were women in the trades, to serve as role models for me,” explains Kelsey. “I left university and attended Women Building Futures where I learned more about the industry and the increasing diversity of the workforce.”

Today, Kelsey is a Level 2 Facilities Technician with our Heartland team. She’s passionate about safety and takes her responsibility to maintain reliable operations seriously. Her role is to look for abnormalities in the units that could create larger issues with the operations of the pipeline. By catching and correcting any issues, Kelsey and her team make sure there are no interruptions to delivering reliable energy we need to heat for our homes.

Kelsey hopes to “pay it forward” by representing the gender diversity that encouraged her to pursue her path to skilled trades.

“I thought choosing a gender non-conforming path would feel like being a dandelion trying to take root between the sidewalk cracks. Instead with the support of my colleagues, I am blooming and thriving right where I belong,” says Kelsey. “I hope by vibrantly living my life that I can show others that this industry is not as scary as it looks from the outside looking in.”

Brianna, Construction Monitor & Community Liaison, Nee Tahi Buhn Band

Integrity, collaboration and respect are at the heart of Coastal GasLink’s commitment to creating lasting opportunities for Indigenous communities in northern British Columbia. That’s why we partner with Indigenous communities to have their members on-site to see first-hand the work happening along the project corridor.

Brianna represents her community, the Nee Tahi Buhn Band, in that important role as a Construction Monitor and Community Liaison. She observes, records and reports on construction activities as they occur to keep her community informed of the latest construction developments.

“They have somebody right in their community, who is grassroots and who is a part of every phase and stage of the project right there from the beginning to the end,” Brianna explains. “They feel like they are being heard and that what they say is taken into consideration and that it matters."

Linda MacLeod, Electrical/Instrument Measurement Technician

Linda’s built her career in the energy industry over the last eight years, including time spent in northern Alberta and three years in west Texas. She joined TC Energy last August.

After completing the Robotics/Mechatronics Engineering Technology program at BCIT, Linda earned a Red Seal Journeyman Electrician apprenticeship. Recently, she been involved in instrumentation aspects.

As a part of the measurement team in Rocky Mountain House, she takes care of approximately 35 measurement stations in the area where she performs regulatory procedures monthly and carries out other facility maintenance and upkeep.

I really enjoy the team and family-type atmosphere in the energy sector, and I love being outside the majority of the day,” says Linda of her favourite aspects of the job. “The industry is often changing with new technology and there is a challenge to learn from daily which keeps you on your toes.”

Linda’s advice for other women and girls who want to follow her lead into the energy industry? Be fearless in making connections with others.

“Reach out to others in the role you are interested in,” explains Linda. “I did this when I was out of high school and college, and it went a long way.”

Jolene Heck, Area Manager – West Country

Jolene’s forged her path at TC Energy over the last decade, learning the business in administrative roles, including budget coordinator and field work planner, and working her way up to her current role as area manager for West Country. In her current role, Jolene supports her team with new unit additions at our Clearwater and Nordegg compressor stations and collaborates with the Brewster Pipeline expansion to integrate into our operations.

“I enjoy wearing a TC Energy logo because my personal values align with the company’s and I have a lot of passion around the work we do,” says Jolene.

Jolene advises women and girls aspiring to work in energy to jump in.

“What are you waiting for? Set your goals, work hard and don’t let yourself or anyone put obstacles in your way. You’re capable of more than you think,” encourages Jolene.

Nairin, Field Technician

Prior to joining TC Energy two years ago, Nairin applied her Bachelor of Science to working as a medical lab technician for nearly 10 years. Today, Nairin takes pride in being a part of delivering reliable energy to Canadians every day.

“I’m currently part of a great team that maintains compression equipment and facilities in northwest Alberta,” Nairin explains. “It is very rewarding to be part of the system that brings natural gas from the producers to peoples’ homes.”

Nairin embraces working away from the confines of an office, adding “I love working in remote areas. Driving conditions can definitely be a challenge at certain times of the year but it’s worth it to see all the wildlife and unique natural areas.”

Nairin encourages other women to open their minds to the wide variety of available career paths in the energy industry.

“There are more career paths out here than you can imagine. If you have an interest working in the energy industry, there will be something that’s a great fit for you,” she explains.

Colleen, Pipeline Technician, TC Energy

Colleen started her career in the energy industry in Saskatchewan sixteen years ago, first as a welder’s helper, then as a pipeline dozer operator, and eventually to TC Energy in 2018 in the role of a Pipeline Technician.

In her current role as a pipeline technician, Colleen works with technicians from Alberta to Ontario, assisting our team with gas handling for Integrity and Operational projects.

“The saying ‘necessity is the mother of invention’ could not be truer in the new norm of virtual meetings and twice weekly, I deliver direct and relevant process safety information to my pipeline team,” Colleen explains.

I have worked in non-traditional roles for over a decade and experienced some minor challenges but with that being said, I can say with certainty, my greatest achievement is the job I hold today,” she adds.

“Challenges of the past have driven me to take hold of the opportunities presented to me here.  Walking through the doors of TC Energy was an experience of finally being home. We are a company of excellence for which I am very proud to be a part of.  I clearly understand that I am a living example for our young women and men alike – of what to expect of life and of each other. “