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Mar 3 2021

Listen to Tracy's curated playlist

Posted by TC Energy

Tracy's Tunes - Take a musical journey with our ELT


What do Macy Gray, Popa Chubby and Disturbed have in common? You can find them all on an uplifting and unique playlist curated by on our own Tracy Robinson, Executive Vice-President and President Canadian Natural Gas Pipelines and President Coastal GasLink.

“Music is incredibly powerful and has the ability to evoke a mood or a memory, set a tone, or deliver a message. All music has a place and the ability to take you on a journey. I have used all the ‘pandemic-motivated’ time at home to let Spotify take me to all kinds of new musical niches,” says Tracy.

As for Tracy’s favourite music genre – she likes them all! And if you happen by her office after-hours, you’ll likely hear a little bit of everything.

Here is what Tracy had to say about a few of her tunes:

Kelly Prescott - Church

Kelly Prescott

"Spotify has been a game changer in helping me find new talent or musicians outside of the mainstream Top 40. I am currently listening to Kelly Prescott, a friend of mine and an up-and-coming Canadian artist who was nominated for the 2020 Roots Album of the Year. Listen to ‘Church’ from her album ‘Love Wins’ and I know you’ll enjoy her as much as I do."

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Luba Edina & Yuli Turovsky

Luba Edina & Yuli Turovsky
Cello Sonata in G Minor

"These days, in the mornings, I play mostly classical music and I have a private personal goal to attend a performance in each of the great opera houses in the world."

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Beth Hart & Joe Bonamassa

Beth Hart & Joe Bonamassa
Your Heart is as Black as Night

"As the day progresses, I’m often drawn to the blues. I enjoy blues guitar, the strong voices, and great lyricists. There are so many great blues guitarists but some of my favourites are Joe Bonamassa, Popa Chubby, Eric Clapton, and John Mayer. I recommend checking out anything with Joe Bonamassa’s guitar and Beth Hart’s voice."

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Beth Hart & Joe Bonamassa

Popa Chubby
Same Old Blues

for live music to return in all its forms. A favourite when I travel is seeking out small, local, blues spots. You can find the best live music playing in really small venues. I saw Popa Chubby in a basement club in San Francisco a few years ago. Being a musician is a difficult career path and artists have been significantly impacted by the pandemic. I encourage everyone to support their local favourites where they can."

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Listen to the full list of Tracy's Tunes on Spotify.

Hot tip: Did you know when you stream a song on Spotify, you need to listen for at least 30 seconds for the artist to be paid?