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Feb 1 2021

A groundbreaking partnership with Steel River Group

Posted by TC Energy


Re-imagining how we work together

We are always exploring and working to support capable and qualified Indigenous entrepreneurs and businesses, especially local businesses in communities where we operate. We first engaged the Steel River Group (SRG) in 2018, to discuss possible opportunities in working together and as the relationship developed, SRG’s experience in pipeline construction and strong sense of community became evident.

Managing a complex, new large-diameter pipeline project

Last year TC Energy awarded Steel River SICIM Pipeline Ltd. (SRSP), a subsidiary of Steel River Group, the prime contract on the Brewster section of the 2021 NGTL System Expansion Project, making them the first Indigenous-owned prime contractor to manage new large-diameter pipeline project with TC Energy. In a competitive sourcing process, our total value RFP evaluation concluded that SRSP had the requisite experience, relationships, values and commercial competitiveness to execute this complex pipeline construction project. The award to SRSP reiterates our commitment to Indigenous participation in our projects and enhancing economic benefits for communities and Indigenous businesses.

Supporting the Brewster section of the 2021 NGTL System Expansion Project, SRSP’s scope of work will include the construction of 49 kilometres of 48-inch diameter pipeline in the Rocky Mountain House area. While being an Indigenous-owned business, SRG is also partnered with four Indigenous groups whose traditional lands the project traverses and who bring additional expertise and understanding of the land to help inform the project team.

Our involvement in the Brewster section represents much more than an economic opportunity for Steel River and its partners. It represents a historic shift in how Indigenous entrepreneurs can reimagine our involvement in major projects through the lens of our values, traditions, and beliefs.

This opportunity affords me the luxury to thank our Indigenous community partners, TC Energy, SICIM S.p.A, our people that have been devoted to our vision, and our relationship with our vitally important vendors and subcontractors."

Trent Fequet, Founder and CEO of Steel River Group of Companies

Blessing ceremony for safe operations

To reinforce the commitment and respect for Indigenous peoples and culture, SRG coordinated a blessing from O’Chiese First Nation, Paul Band and Métis Nation Region 3, to kick-off the project and ensure appropriate cultural protocols are adhered to prior to the start of construction. In addition to requesting permission from the land, the blessings sought the safety of those working on the project and safe operation upon commissioning, with more ceremonies planned throughout construction.

Working with SRG, we can deepen our understanding of the history, cultures and traditions of Indigenous groups and communities and create lasting opportunities in the areas we operate in.

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