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Jan 28 2021

TC Energy app wins 97% customer satisfaction

Posted by TC Energy


‘Taking it on the chin’ isn’t something anyone looks forward to, with the exception of Nadim Kassam, Leader, Modernization and Customer Experience. As part of his ‘Big Bets’ team comprised from the TC Energy Commercial group and natural gas customers (and a subset of the Customer Operations Action Team or COAT), Nadim asked for feedback about how well TC Energy supported customer decision making, and he got some very honest – and unhappy – responses.

“The information we were providing customers for planned NGTL outages was primarily through a spreadsheet, multiple links and web pages. They told us trying to make sense of the information was time consuming, and often resulted in calls to us to clarify the data before they could make an informed decision,” explains Nadim.


Driven by TC Energy’s ‘collaboration’ value, Nadim and his team took an empathetic and vulnerable position with customers to improve their experience.

“We asked for help. We wanted to co-create a solution that focused on our customers’ desires. The result – the MyTC app – provides outage information through a visual, intuitive and mobile-friendly format. As part of our research, we met regularly with the Big Bets team and literally sat beside our customers as they took us through their daily tasks – pre-COVID – to help design the platform,” says Nadim.

Prior to MyTC, customers were unable to readily identify changes to maintenance plans, personalize notifications or easily retrieve historical data. That’s all changed with MyTC and recent feedback demonstrates customer success including a 97 per cent satisfaction rating.


Customers note ‘night and day’ difference

As a Big Bets participant, Thomas Cyr, a natural gas marketer at Tourmaline Oil, shared the MyTC provides information that is “more streamlined and easy to quickly parse through. The app’s tools help make decision making easier and I don’t need to call TC as much for more information. When I look back at where we started, it’s a night and day difference. TC Energy really took our feedback to heart.”

Thomas also appreciates the Big Bets and COAT forums.

“Being a part of these groups is an awesome opportunity. I wish other pipelines did something similar to improve their systems and communication,” Thomas says.

Adds Ken Jacobson, Supervisor, Gas Supply and Transportation, Marketing at Canadian Natural, “With MyTC, the information provided and the presentation format is much clearer and allows me to ask more relevant questions and arrive at better decisions faster. TC has definitely become more customer friendly.”

The MyTC app is just the beginning. Nadim says COAT is ecstatic to partner so closely with customers to alleviate pain points by testing solutions that are timely and intuitive.


“We’re constantly chasing our COAT mission by asking, how might we enable customers to make better decisions, faster, together?”

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