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Dec 15 2020

Liquids play a critical role in our business

Posted by TC Energy


Embracing a new energy landscape focused on strategy and sustainability

While 2020 proved to be a year of tremendous highs and lows for many families and businesses across our North American footprint, our Liquids business unit continued to play a critical role in delivering the energy people need across this continent.

“Our business is strategic, its unique and its growing sustainably. We connect a world-class resource base to key refining markets in the U.S. where the demand remains robust despite this year’s challenges,” said Bevin Wirzba, Executive Vice-President and President, Liquids Pipelines.

“We provided reliable, abundant and low-cost energy to key North American markets throughout 2020, while enhancing our pipeline integrity program and stepping up to embrace a new energy landscape, with a renewed focus on being both strategic and sustainable.”

As part of its commitment to safely deliver approximately three billion barrels of crude oil to market over the past 10 years, our Liquids team launched a major pipeline integrity project that resulted in more than 3,100 km (1,926 miles) of pipeline being inspected, along with the adoption of new technology.

“Our pipe integrity program was complete and robust, but we had to challenge our inherent assumptions and processes to see the opportunities for improvement,” said Roger Lai, Manager, Pipe Integrity Engineering at TC Energy

We are especially proud of our field technicians, who embraced a new normal during this year and were very diligent in wearing masks, maintaining social distances and following all of TC Energy’s policies to ensure the safety of themselves, their families and their communities. “It’s been a year like no other. We can all look back and say, ‘we supplied the energy that North America needed during a global health crisis and we did it well, we did it efficiently and — more importantly — we did it safely,” said Deanna Doig, Cypress Area Manager with the Liquids Business Unit.

Successful completion of the Houston Tank Terminal expansion

In order to continue to meet the needs of its customers, the business unit successfully completed the expansion of the Houston Tank Terminal and started construction on Keystone XL in both the U.S. and Canada. In addition, it entered into an historic partnership with Natural Law Energy, which repre sents five First Nations, to make an equity investment of up to $1 billion in the Keystone XL project. 

“Looking back over this past year, we should all be proud of the role we played in delivering critical energy across North America. As essential service providers, we are relied upon to deliver energy and infrastructure for millions of people, even during a pandemic,” added Wirzba.


Our company continues to stand up under the pressure of current events, in no small part because of the hard work and dedication of our people.”

Bevin Wirzba
TC Energy, Executive Vice-President and President, Liquids Pipelines

Did you know?
  • Our existing oil and liquids pipeline infrastructure consists of approximately 4,900 km (3,000 miles) of pipelines, 58 pump stations and 8.15 million barrels of storage, and connects Alberta and U.S. crude oil supplies to U.S. refining markets in Illinois, Oklahoma, Texas and the U.S. Gulf Coast.

  • The Keystone Pipeline System moves approximately 20 per cent of western Canadian crude oil exported to key refining markets.

  • Our Liquids platforms pay tens of millions in property and income taxes through every year of operation.


Watch Bevin present some of our accomplishments at TC Energy’s 2020 Investor Day