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Nov 16 2020

2020 TC Energy Scholarship program results

Posted by TC Energy


Creating the next generation of industry leaders 

Established in 2017, our TC Energy Scholarships offer more than just financial assistance to those seeking post-secondary education. These funds empower a mother to pursue a different career path, an Indigenous student to gain invaluable experience to build capacity in their community and a young trades graduate to start their career journey debt-free.

We know that we are investing in and inspiring the next generation of community leaders by removing financial barriers to education.

“Every year, the impacts of our scholarships in the communities where we live and work are helping to build stronger and more vibrant communities,” said Leanne Zee, Manager, Community and Workforce Giving. “Today this is truer than ever, as many students are experiencing an unexpected, turbulent year due to COVID-19. We are proud to alleviate some of the financial stress on our community neighbours across North America as they pursue their academic passions.”

Empowering communities

We believe that helping students succeed helps communities succeed. These scholarships are a stepping stone for individuals across Canada, the U.S. and Mexico to pursue their dreams. We understand that support for education is not only imperative to our business, but also important to communities.

This year, through our community giving program, Build Strong, we awarded 917 scholarships to students in 400 unique communities across North America totalling C$2.5 million.

We received more than 5,000 scholarship applications spanning a variety of academic programs, including, but not limited to: science, technology, engineering, arts, trades and Indigenous studies.

2021 TC Energy Scholarships

Scholarship applications for the 2021/2022 academic year will open end of February 2021. If you know of a student in your community that would benefit from financial assistance, direct them to: TCScholarships.com for more information.