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Oct 8 2020

Community compassion enables Brandy Bruckner to empower others

Posted by TC Energy


Our Empower program supports our workforce to make a difference and build stronger communities across North America by allowing them to create their own fundraising and volunteering initiatives to further the causes that matter to them in their local communities.

Brandy Bruckner, Associate, U.S. Natural Gas Project Technical Services team, does just that and thrives on being involved with her community. It allows her to express her compassion and love for giving back to others. For Brandy, volunteering has opened her eyes to how fortunate she is.

“I feel like giving back is such an important thing because, although you can take, take, take, we’re all humans and giving back and showing compassion for others is very important. Additionally, from the business perspective, it says a lot for a company to be involved with the community,” says Brandy.

The Empower program has been a driving force for positive change in the lives of our people and the communities they serve since 2013. Each year we see our people’s generosity continue to grow. Since the Empower program began, we have raised more than C$19 million dollars and logged over 128,000 hours of volunteering.

For Brandy, knowing that TC Energy cares about the communities it calls home makes her proud to work here.

“I love being part of TC Energy and what it stands for. Programs such as Empower puts me in a position to serve a larger purpose within the organization. I recognize that I am that voice for my team in terms of giving back and getting involved with the community,” says Brandy.

One example of this is from her work with Be A Resource (BEAR) Houston. In December 2019, Brandy was asked by U.S. Gas Projects to research a unique and exciting giving opportunity – something different than what they’d engaged in previously. This led her to discover BEAR Houston and go on to purchase, build and donate bikes to youth in need across Houston.

Visit BEAR Houston

“We ended up donating 20 bikes to children who were put into foster care due to domestic violence situations. These children leave behind their personal belongings when moving into foster care. On behalf of TC Energy, we were able to donate bikes and helmets – safety first! – to these children,” says Brandy.

“This experience showed all of us that while there are big charities that we partner with, there are also smaller organizations that need help. This allowed us to spread our name in goodness and I got a lot of good feedback and energy from it as a result.”

TC Energy enabling Brandy to give back to organizations like BEAR Houston has allowed her to instill her compassion into the communities she cares most about.

More information

This article is part of TC Energy’s fall giving campaign, Get Empowered!, happening from Sept. 28 – Oct. 9. This year’s theme, Power of One, exemplifies how one person can make a difference in their community. Brandy is one of many employees that bring the Power of One to life through her generosity and kindness. 

During Get Empowered! the rewards for participating are doubled, allowing the impact to go even farther.  

Check out how TC Energy gives backto the communities where we live and work.