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Mar 20 2019

Providing a window to the world

Posted by TransCanada

Providing a window to the world

He’s helping his community

Nestled along the Arizona – California border in the small southwest Arizona town of Ehrenberg, you can find Quartzsite and Ehrenberg Elementary schools. Monday through Friday, the students at these schools are hard at work, striving to become the next generation of ambitious leaders looking to positively impact their communities.

“Working and living in a small community like Ehrenberg, school systems and teachers play an important role, as they’re not only working to educate our children but also serving as a social hub for the entirety of a community in a way,” said Chris Egan, TransCanada employee. “When I had the opportunity to attend a recent parent-teacher conference and learned that Mrs. Carter was planning to use her tax refund to purchase Chromebooks for her students, I knew she was passionate about her job, and I needed to help.” 

Following the parent-teacher conference, Chris made it his mission to find out a way he could help provide Mrs. Carter and her students access to these additional computers.

When I learned that the students were sharing one computer, and each student was only provided a limited amount of time a week on it, I was amazed, especially since technology plays such a fundamental role in today’s society.”

Chris Egan
TransCanada employee

Through TransCanada’s Build Strong Campaign, Chris and his colleague Mick Kotlarz worked to secure funding that could be used to purchase Chromebooks for both Ehrenberg and Quartzsite Elementary schools.

“Helping to get funding for these schools was a no brainer. We knew that we needed to help support this cause,” stated Chris. “Mrs. Carter was passionate enough to use her own hard-earned money to buy computers for her students to enhance their learning experience; then I was going to do everything in my power to do this on her behalf.”

The impact that Chris, Mick and the other TransCanada employees have on their local communities can be seen well beyond their day job and it's direct responsibilities, but also out into the areas in which they live.

My students are already limited in their exposure to the world. Most come from low socio-economic families and have lived in our small, rural farming community their whole lives. I want to them to have the same experiences that other children their age receive. I want them to realize that the world is full of possibilities and that they can achieve anything if given the tools to succeed.””

Christina Carter
Teacher, Ehrenberg Elementary School

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