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Mar 1 2019

Mountaineer XPress Project reaches major milestone

Posted by TransCanada


MXP crosses the finish line

After more than four years of work, the Mountaineer XPress (MXP) project has become the latest of TransCanada’s U.S. natural gas pipeline projects to be placed in-service, with authorization being granted by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) on March 1, 2019.

Designed to deliver 2.7 billion cubic feet per day (Bcf/d) of clean, affordable, domestically-produced natural gas to growing markets, the 170-mile pipeline adds to a series of important infrastructure projects completed across the TransCanada footprint. With approximately 15 million hours tallied and 42 million miles driven in a 55-week timeframe, project team members worked to make MXP a reality through some of the most complex terrain and difficult conditions TransCanada operates within.

“Completing a project like MXP is no small feat,” said Richard Prior, Vice President U.S. Natural Gas Projects. “Throughout the project, our teams were challenged time after time, whether it be regulatory delays, construction progress slowed by the rainiest summer in West Virginia’s history, or navigating complex engineering conditions, the team always found a way to persevere and keep advancing the project forward.”    

Throughout construction, support for MXP was resounding from many federal, state and local elected officials – including Calhoun County Commissioners Kevin Helmick and Chip Westfall — who heralded the significant tax revenue the pipeline, three greenfield compressor stations and upgrades to existing assets would create for their communities. In total, the project is expected to have an economic benefit of more than $2 billion, including millions of dollars annually to West Virginia counties it crosses. This is in addition to the working relationship the TransCanada team built with impacted landowners and other neighbours.

Having been a part of the planning for these growth projects since 2014, I’m very proud to see the hard work of so many rewarded. Our team displayed exemplary dedication and drive to complete this project.””

Stan Chapman
Executive Vice-President and President, U.S. Natural Gas Pipelines, TransCanada


XPress portfolio success & closing out Gulf XPress

Now with four out of the five major XPress projects – MXP, Rayne XPress, Leach XPress and WB XPress – fully in-service, the attention on the U.S. Natural Gas front has shifted to closing out Gulf XPress (GXP). Four of the seven new stations are completed and operating in Kentucky, Tennessee and Mississippi. When finished in the coming weeks, GXP will provide approximately 875 million cubic feet of natural gas per day of expanded capacity on the Columbia Gulf Transmission System.

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